How To Get More When Selling Your Home

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Getting onto the next rung of the property ladder will mean selling your current home for a profit. If you were fortunate, you might well have paid well under the market value for your house, and when it comes to selling it now, you can rake in the extra cash. You may have bought the house during a period when house prices were not doing so well, and they are on the up now. These are not things that you can rely on. For the majority of homeowners looking to move up a level, the only way that you can guarantee that you will earn when selling up is if you put in the effort.

This can mean getting creative and making some simple cosmetic changes that will provide the home with stronger selling points and generally seem more appealing. Or, it may mean undertaking a whole host of significant changes that will add some serious value to the property. 

Do Some Math 

Before you start planning what you intend to do, you should do a bit of homework first. Try and find out how much you can expect to get for your home right now, without making any changes. Then, go through the various options and see what you achieve when you just redecorate. Then look at other different options that might increase the value considerably, such as getting an extension fitted, or having a conservatory added. There may be similar homes in your neighborhood that have had these additions, try and find how much they are worth. If they are listed for sale, you could find this out from there. If they were recently bought, there would be records online on the final sale price. 

What you need to work out is how much you could hope to add value by doing each of your possible options. But then you should factor how long each of these things would take to do, and how much they would cost you. If the outlay adds a considerable sum in proportion, then you should look at getting that work done. 

Here are a number of minor changes that you can make that won’t cost the earth to put in place. You may want to do more than this. However, these will be a great start and will help you to sell your home quickly, for the price that you hope to achieve. 

Create A Blank Canvas

When it comes to selling your home, you don’t want to be showing off too much of your character in the property. While having vibrant walls that reflected your personality might have been good for you when you took the house, when it comes to selling plain is best. Potential buyers will want to see a blank canvas that they can project their own character onto, and if there is a strong aesthetic already in place, it can hard to visualize. 

Make Your Home Appear Bigger

You will also want to try and create a sense of space about the home. A new buyer will be looking for somewhere that they can feel comfortable and be able to fit all of their belongings. If your home feels cramped and small, then they won’t be able to do this. 

Declutter and pack up as many of the possessions that you don’t currently need. If you can, put these into storage or have them left at a friend or family member’s house. Do the same with any non-essential furniture. 

Then, paint everything white. This will give the house a fresh, bright crispness. It will also make everything look much bigger. Make sure you do a good job when it comes to painting, as you will want to make a really good impression. 

Repair Everything

You should look at fixing any small problems around the home. Using filler, cover any cracks or holes that you have in the walls. You may want to use shortcuts to make quick fixes to any loose tiles. Glue dots and dispensers are cheaper and easier to use than grouting, especially if you are short on time. 

Create Curb Appeal

When your potential buyer pulls up outside the property, the first thing that they are going to see is the exterior. The outside of a house says a lot about a person, and they might be keen to make a statement to the world about who they are with the home that they own. Therefore, it is vital that you set out to create a great first impression of the house by doing some work on the outside of the property.

Your home needs to look great from the outside. With this in mind, you should consider painting your exterior walls with masonry paint to ensure an excellent finish all over. Then, you should look at getting a professional window cleaner in to make sure all of your windows are clean. 

Your roof may have some cracked or missing tiles. If you are not confident in doing this work yourself, then you should get a roofer to come and do them for you. 

Garden And Driveway

Your garden and driveway are important too. You are selling potential to the buyer, and they need to be able to imagine that the garden will enhance their lives. You should try and show that it is a versatile space with room for entertaining as well as the potential for children to play, and to grow flowers and vegetables. 

Look at getting your garden looking as tidy as possible. Do lots of weeding and powerhouse your patio area. If you have children, have a few toys out on the lawn to show that the property is child-friendly. Have a patio set laid out, along with a few planters of beautiful flowers. 

All of these things will give the potential buyer an idea of what the home may be like if they were to own it. It may not be how you would have it, but if it helps you to make the sale at the asking price, then you should be willing to make the necessary changes. 



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