How To Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

No matter if you are looking to impress your friends and family members, or would like to sell your house, creating a good first impression is essential. You have to ensure that what the eye sees first will make the person that it is worth to have another look. We pay a lot of attention to the interior design of our home, but curb appeal is just as important as the layout and decor. Below you will find a few tips on how to improve the look of your house from outside.

Fix What Is Broken

If you haven’t had a chance to tidy up your garden after the winter, chances are that you will need to start with taking a trip to the closest household recycling center or ordering a skip. Broken statues, garden furniture, and pots will let down the looks of your home. Get rid of the old tree branches that broke, and plant new perennials in the pots in front of your door, so your visitors will be greeted by something beautiful.


curb appeal Image via Flickr

We just look at the driveway as an essential part of the front garden, and a space where we keep the car safe. However, if it is dirty, unorganized, full of your bins and rubbish, maybe there are weed coming up, you will need to tackle the issue. If you want to have a carefree solution, you can get a driveway made of concrete. It will be easy to manage or clean. Alternatively, if you are looking for more sophistication, you can use natural stone. You might also want to give your garage a good check up. If you have been struggling with opening and closing it lately, you can contact a professional garage door repair company that will improve the look and functionality of your outbuilding.

Paint the Fascia and Gutter

vintage roof tiles Image via LibreShot

If you don’t know what the first impression your visitors face when turning up at your home is, you might want to have a good look over your house after you return from a vacation. You are likely to notice things you normally don’t. Do your fascias need painting, or do they look dated? Your gutter might be leaking without you knowing. Replacing the fascia boards with plastic ones will take the hard work out of making your house look more professional.

Window Replacement

When it comes to curb appeal, your windows are the eyes of the house. Small changes can make  a big difference. If you have single pane windows, it is recommended that you upgrade them, so you can make your house more energy efficient. If, however, it is only your frames and window sills that are looking unappealing, you will need to give them a good wipe down and a lick of paint.

Getting your home to make a better first impression might be less difficult than you think. Step into your visitors’ shoes and find little things to change that will make a huge difference.  




  1. I LOVE all of your tips and completely agree!

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