How to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems

There is no doubt that plumbing problems in your home can end up being both annoying and expensive. As the old saying goes, prevention is far better than the cure. So, in this article, we are going to take this adage seriously and list a few of the most common plumbing problems and some preventative measures to stop them from throwing your household into chaos.

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Of course, you can take all the preventative measure in the world, but sometimes, you may need to call a plumber anyway so take a look at ABC Home & Commercial if this is the case. However, some simple maintenance tasks can help to reduce the likelihood and scale of any problems that may occur. And here are just a few that you can put into practice in your home.

Avoid Pouring Cooking Grease Down the Drain

Whenever you cook anything that involves the creation of a large amount of grease, you should avoid pouring this down the drain. This is down to the fact that it can end up cooling and hardening in your pipes – thereby causing a serious blockage. And there is no doubt that a clogged drain is a problem that you can do without. Instead of pouring it down the sink, you can chill cooking grease in an empty carton in the fridge and dispose of it in the regular rubbish. While we are on the subject, if you have a garbage disposal, you should maintain it well to stop it from becoming clogged and needing an early replacement.

Invest in Some Drain Screens

An affordable and effective way of keeping your pipes clear of debris is by investing in some drain screens. Put these over the plughole in the sink and this will help to stop unwanted items from slipping down there such as food items, hair, and pieces of packaging. All you have to do is lift this out of the sink and get rid of any potential drain cloggers in the trash. Make sure top empty this out on a regular basis so that it is doing its job in the most effective way possible.

Use a Baking Soda and Vinegar Treatment on Your Sink and Tub

Instead of using chemical drain openers which can be both expensive and toxic, you are better off simply sprinkling some baking soda down your sink and tub drains. Try to get into a habit of putting around a quarter of a cup (60ml) down on a monthly basis. Follow this up with some warm water which will ensure that the powder gets well into the drain. Afterwards, you should pour a whole cup of vinegar down there (240ml) and flush it all through with some hot water. This is a relatively inexpensive drain fix which will help to keep your drains running smoothly. Not only this, the solution is not one which is harmful to the environment.

Avoid Forcing Faucets Shut

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You can make faucet washers last longer and help prevent leaks by turning the faucet off but not tightening the handle as hard as you can. After all, if the water has stopped flowing, you have no further need to tighten it any further. The only thing that forcefully cranking the handle is going to do is cause the washers to wear down faster than necessary.

Install a Washing Machine Hose Screen

Turning our attention to washing machines, you can make them operate better and last longer by purchasing some hose screens. Essentially, these work by stopping sediment from clogging up the pumps and valves of your washing machine. You will need to check these screens at least once or twice per year, replacing them if you find that they are packed with sediment or other debris.

Leaking Toilet

Amazingly, a leaking toilet can end up wasting as much as 78,000 gallons of water a year. So, this is a problem that you will want to deal with at the earliest possible opportunity. To test whether or not your toilet is actually leaking in the first place, you can pour some food colouring in the toilet tank overnight. If it ends up in the bowl the next morning, there is definitely a leak and you may be able to solve it by simply replacing the flush valve.

There are so many plumbing problems out there which can be prevented by completing some basic maintenance tasks, taking preventative measures and performing quick fixes yourself.





  1. Big deal, thanks for sharing the tutorial. Its really useful and informative. Anyone can learn form here easily.

  2. Thank you for pointing out that you should avoid pouring hot grease down the drain because it can end up cooling and hardening your pipes. My husband is a chef, and he has a habit of pouring grease down our kitchen drain. If it hardens, I’ll make sure to reach out to a professional plumbing service in my area to help us fix our kitchen drain.

  3. Brilliant tips to avoiding plumbing catastrophes.

  4. i don’t usually write posts or comments on articles but your blog was so convincing and is written with such diligence i had to praise. great work !

  5. Hey, thanks for sharing this amazing post with us. it was really helpful.

  6. Thank you for providing the tips for us. Yes, I agree with you. I mostly use baking soda to release the clog on the sink. It is helpful and highly recommended.
    robbylaine recently posted…Great Ways to Maintain Your Composting ToiletMy Profile

  7. I like how you suggested using vinegar and baking soda. A total classic, but we haven’t tried it yet. My wife and I will try this tip. However, if we cannot handle it anymore, we will contact a plumbing expert to help us out.

  8. In order to fox plumbing problems like a leaky faucet you might need to replace the washer, however, it is quite hard to find a leak or leaks, therefore it is recommended to hire a professional plumbing company to do the job for you.

  9. I never knew that vinegar and baking soda can be useful chemical drain openers. My wife and I are having trouble with our drainage at home. It would be nice if local commercial plumbing can help us out in case that vinegar and soda do not work out.

  10. Our teenage son has always poured down bacon grease down the kitchen sink and now its all clogged up. Thanks for mentioning that the grease could cool down and cause a blockage. We will be sure to let our son know. For now, we will need to hire a plumber to fix our kitchen sink.

  11. I wasn’t fully aware that we shouldn’t pour cooking grease down our drains since it can end up cooling and hardening in the pipes and can end up causing a serious blockage. It might be the reason why I have noticed that the draining process had slowed down for the past few days. I’ll try using baking soda and vinegar tonight but will still call professional plumbers to have my drainage system checked.

  12. Great post! I like the part where you combine vinegar and baking soda. I use it all around the house for cleaning.
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  13. Good post Amber. The tips shared here in order to avoid common plumbing problems are really commendable. As you said, it will be a good practice to use baking soda and vinegar instead of chemical drain openers.
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  15. Great Post Amber. The tips you mention in the post are really helpful. As you said, it was good practice to use baking soda and vinegar instead of chemical drain cleaners.

    Although, a clogged shower drain is a common plumbing problem that needs immediate cleaning.

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  16. Having good plumbing and regular maintenance can save so much in plumbing expenses on repairs. It can avoid problems.
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