How To Spot Different Pests Within Your Home

You might assume that, because you are thorough when it comes to cleaning your home, there aren’t going to be any pests to have to deal with there. However, even with a rigorous cleaning routine and a spotless living area, pests are still possible. It’s crucial to know what signs to look out for so that you know you have an issue well before it becomes something too difficult to handle. The longer you leave pests, the more damage they can do, so you’ll want to get rid of any pests as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common pests that are found within the home and the signs that they are there. 

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Seeing just a few ants on the floor on your kitchen counter once in a while probably doesn’t mean much – ants can get inside quite easily, and a small number isn’t anything to concern yourself with. However, if you see a lot of live ants scuttling around, then it might be wise to search out the best ant control near me so that an expert can have a look. When we say ‘a lot’, we’re talking tens or dozens or more. They are small, but when there are many ants together, they are very easy to spot; you can’t fail to see them, especially as they work in a group and will all be together. 

 Another sign to look out for is ant pathways which look like an ant procession. Ants leave pheromones in areas where there is a lot of food to attract even more ants. Plus, you might have an ants’ nest in your yard or by your wall outside. Ants do make nests inside, but they tend to be within walls, so you might not be able to see them.

 Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are particularly upsetting things to find within your home, as they have the reputation of living in dirty places. This is not necessarily true; bed bugs can infest anyone’s home and can often be introduced to the property by getting attached to clothing or shoes when you are outside. However, once you know they are there, you should get to work on removing them immediately since they can cause pain through their bites. 

 The bed bug bite is a good sign that you have a problem, in fact. If you wake up to find you have been bitten in the night, bed bugs are a much more likely source than anything else. Take the time to search your sheets for eggs and shed skin, too, as well as dark red spots.


No one is going to be happy to discover they have a rat infestation since they can cause a lot of damage and spread disease, but it’s much better to know about it than to be kept in the dark – knowing means you can put a plan in place to remove the creatures. 

 Listen out for strange scratching noises within your walls or under the floors; this is probably rats. Once you’re aware of this, you might start to notice rat droppings on your countertops or within kitchen cabinets.

 Rats also like to shred paper and cardboard for their nests. Have any of your belongings been shredded in this way? Rats are probably the reason.



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  2. Rodents like rats and mice can also live in your ductwork. Rodents can use air ducts to find their way to the “tasty” wires of your HVAC system, posing a fire hazard in your home. We also know that rodent droppings carry bacteria, viruses, and diseases. Breathing in these particles is hazardous.

    In order to prevent it, keep air ducts in your home clean and properly sealed.

    1. It is also important to add that when ductwork gets old, homeowners should replace it. In average, their lifespan is 10-15 years.
      Here’s how to know when it’s time for a replacement:

  3. […] Pests can find their way into any part of your home, however there are a few places where they are more likely to lurk. This post delves into some of the most common places around the home to find pests and what you can do to deter them.  […]

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I also want to remind you how important it is to check and clean the air ducts in the house. Air ducts are a favorable environment for pests, especially rodents. A damaged outdoor vent, no covering, and blowflies are pretty telltale signs that you’re dealing with rodents.

  5. As for rats and mice, also keep an eye out for things like chewed-up marks, or nests. Make sure to pay extra attention to areas where pests are likely to hide, like basements, attics, and storage spaces. Being proactive is what really matters when it comes to pest prevention.

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