Improve Your Bedroom In Eight Simple Steps

improve your bedroom


Interior design is a great act of expression, a chance to improve your enjoyment of your living space, and get creative. When most of us think about design we imagine big changes. The truth is, there are plenty of simple adjustments you can make, to transform the look and feel of a room. To improve your bedroom, follow these eight simple steps.


You don’t need to make lots of dramatic changes to improve your bedroom space. One of the easiest ways to refresh your bedroom is to add a few accessories. You might try a bold rug in an abstract pattern? Maybe a few colorful throw pillows or a blanket? Consider an artistic ornament for your bedside table? Or a lamp in a quirky design? There are so many options to accessorize your bedroom, it’s the perfect way to get creative.

Beautiful art prints

Beautiful artwork is an amazing way to improve a bedroom space. You might go for a photography piece, a painting, or a sculpture. Measure out your space before you start shopping, you won’t want to get the sizing wrong. Buying artwork can be a delicate process, it’s important not to rush it. To help you find some affordable art, try sites such as Artsy, Society6, Esty, and Saatchi Art.

New bed linen

There’s nothing more satisfying than sleeping in a freshly made bed! Consider updating your room with some hotel quality bed linens. When it comes to your bed, it’s worth choosing the best quality. From your mattress to your pillows, everything contributes to the perfect night sleep. Memory foam mattresses are a great choice, these offer full body support, and help to reduce aches and pains.

Improve the air quality

According to the EPA, ‘Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.’ To create a healthier bedroom space, consider using an air purifier. With the help of an air purifier you’ll improve the quality of your indoor air. Air purifiers can remove a number of toxics and pollutants, and also mold and allergens.

This seasons colors

Stay on trend this season, check out the most popular design colours. Interior designer Kane Hughes suggested that sunshine yellow is one of the hottest colours this season. According to Hughes, ‘The colour will stimulate your mind and revive each room of your house.’

There are many other colors that are trending this season including mulberry, rich green, neutral beige, and pastel colors. Choosing your color schemes is important, you’ll need to think about the natural lighting in the room. You’ll also need to consider the atmosphere you want to create. Every year there are plenty of new home design trends, to inform your decor choices.

Create space

If your bedroom is a little on the smaller side, there are many ways that you can create more space. For a few tips, try these:

  • Remove all the clutter from your bedroom, giving you more space to work with.

  • Hang mirrors on the walls to create the sense of more space.

  • Simplify, choose functional objects and a small amount of decor items.

  • Transparent furniture can also help to create the illusion of more space.

  • Choose a minimal style, and avoid over purchasing.

Fresh flowers

The most simple way to improve your bedroom is to use fresh flowers. Using flowers, you can add a touch of nature, and brighten up your room. Orchid flowers are a great choice for the bedroom. If you take good care of the plant, they will continue to bloom each year. Orchids release oxygen at night, so they may even help you to get a better night’s sleep. Other lovely flowers for the bedroom include jasmine and peace lilies.

Wall decals

Want to improve your bedroom without painting the walls? Wall decals are similar to stickers, and they come in plenty of gorgeous designs. You can choose from pictures, patterns and even quotes. These are inexpensive and you can remove them easily if you get bored of the design. When you are choosing your wall decals, you’ll need to measure to ensure you have enough wall space.

As you can see, there are so many simple ways that you can improve your bedroom space. You can make plenty of changes without needing to spend too much money. With these small adjustments you can create a beautiful new room.



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