The Verdict On Home Design And Style Trends In 2020, Is Out!

This year we’ll see a plethora of home design events. Top designers from all around will be converging at the interior and home design conferences. They will be flying in to talk about the previous decade and how it has changed the way we think about our homes. More importantly, they will be deciding on what kinds of trends make sense of the next decade. This year is going to be pivotal for all homeowners looking to update their homes with the latest styles and increase the value of their properties. How we approach our homes when it comes to updating is also important. Going from room to room is a popular technique, for some, it’s better to go floor by floor and for others a holistic approach to the whole house as one is more satisfactory. We’re all in the same boat, aside from guessing these are the following trends we might see in 2020.

A return to homeliness 

The previous decade was marked by high sophistication of the postmodern design philosophy. Every home that deemed itself contemporary, had to have a large corner sofa. The flat cushions were coupled with straight lines. It was sleek, spacious and somewhat grandiose. And of course, it was made out of leather and adorned in a neutral palette. This postmodernist style had a vice grip over the design world. It was a testament to how powerful factional movements in any industry can dominate the field. Now, however, there is a desperate cry to return to eccentricity. The first major change in the home that looks to be taking hold is fabric sofas. These types of sofas are naturally softer, less expensive and they offer so much more customization to your tastes.

Vibrant abstract colors such as yellow, blue, orange and green are being put back into the home decor. In terms of furniture, it’s not just sofas that are changing, but our lounge chairs too. Rather than modernized leather chairs, you’re seeing larger but less sleek designs that offer comfort more than anything else. Printed sofa designs are daring and bold, but it’s definitely the way to go if you want to follow the parallel trend that is individuality. Animals, flowers and abstract art prints on sofas and chairs are something to invest in this year.

No more solid walls

Wallpaper played a large background role in recent years. Solid neutral walls were the thing to have if you wanted your home to look ultra-modern. However, this seems to be slowly evaporating because the trend for wallpapers is back. Wallpapers are a fantastic way to express yourself and show guests what you’re about immediately when they walk through the door. They inherently emboss on the rest of the home, a certain flair and character. Bird print wallpaper is slowly rising in popularity. Exotic bird print elevates your home’s sense of eccentricity and displays a cultured and more traveled persona.

Abstract tones are the way to go. Vibrant colors for wallpapers are extremely tough to pull off. They make everything so loud and exuberant. It’s better to shades that compliment each other but obey the going down of the sun, and don’t reflect light so easily. Contrasting each other, the patterns and or prints should almost be opposing each other’s tones but not quite. Traditional early-modern French patterns are a superb first-choice to experiment with.

Earth-tone exterior

The most iconic image of the previous decade regarding the exterior of homes is how similar they looked. Bright white neutral was the shade to pick and you couldn’t drive down a street without losing count of how many homes you saw with this exterior. Earth tones are making a big comeback. They give the home a more grounded down to earth look and thus, look more inviting. It’s less of an attempt to make a statement or follow the crowd and more so an expression of humble style. To bring your home up to standard, contact an exterior painting contractor. They will first assess your home’s foundations and dig a small trend around it to stop the water from pooling at the base of the walls. Next, using a pressure hose they will spray down the exterior, cleaning away any dirt and loose bits of the exterior. They’ll remove hardware like alarms or wires. Sanding down the wooden surfaces, they’ll fill in any cracks that have formed over the years. With a few other steps out of the way, they will begin to spray paint your home. Earth tone brown and or reddish-orange is going to be the new standard. The trend reverts homes back to the classic look of the 90s, where homes looked more handmade.

Shapes and curves matter again

The easiest way to identify the postmodern utilitarian style is how bare and straight a room’s decor is. Industrial walls of bare brick were very hot in the latter part of the previous decade. Large coffee tables with plank surfaces and rigid edges were circulated across the globe. It seemed like having maximum space and shelving beautiful intricate designs, was the new wave of design. This way of thinking is now being dropped and shapes and curves matter once again. Ornate designs maybe a little too far out of reach for the interior designers of the world, but art-deco is not. Geometric designs and abstract curves are making a huge return in the modern home.

The American diner-style is a less abrupt variation of the art-deco style which originated in the 20s and expanded in the 30s. It does, however, incorporate rounder shapes, with large round bathroom mirrors, ring and archway ornaments as well as curved coffee table designs. Velvet is a very popular fabric for seating. The less popular 50s art-deco movement was more elegant and focussed less on ‘things moving’. More precious metals will be used for decor such as silver and rose gold. Consider it an early Miami style.

The king of comebacks

For this next year and maybe the entire decade, the spotlight is on blue. This color is making the single biggest comeback in recent interior design times. Everything and anything can be made in this color and look fabulous. Try something simple like a blue flower vase. It doesn’t have to have any type of design, a solid but bold royal blue vase in an abstract shape would be marvelous for your table in the landing. Blue dishes are also finding their place in the dining room again. Blue dining table cloth, cushions and table mats as well as coasters, should be given a chance in your home. Blue has always been the color of royalty, so pair a blue item with gold trim to exact this sentiment. Blue baking dishes and cutlery is also something you should give a try.

Blue sofa pillow covers would go well with most sofas. It’s a blatant statement that you’re confident in this regal shade. If you’re not one for an Ottoman, a blue velvet route pouf would be a worthy replacement. The great thing about blue is, it goes with almost anything. You don’t have to design a blue room, but you can start off small and allow this beautiful color to slowly wrap around your home’s interior style item by item.

Outlandish kitchens

The monotone kitchen has been an established style for a decade. Neutral whites, greys and blacks have been the most dominant tones for kitchen cupboards and drawers. However, this too is being swapped for more vibrant colors. We’re now seeing a more daring and outlandish kitchen design with cupboards in navy blue and lime green. Backsplashes are reverting back to rough stone styles and no longer sticking to the bold single shade ceramic tile style. Instead of stainless steel taps and sinks, granite and rose gold are top of the heap. As you can see, homes are becoming more eccentric and full of character.

Rather than small plants, large tall plants are being introduced to the empty spaces in the kitchen. This is especially true if you live in a home with an open plan. Being able to fill transitional spaces with living green items, it’s a way to break free from the monotone neutral grip. It’s too early to tell if yellows and oranges will make a comeback, but you can expect to see more cabinets in red. This is a rustic country house color which has always been popular in countries like Spain, Italy and Greece. Fewer metals and more wooden items seem to be adding to the increasing desire for a home to be more down to earth and homely.


It seems as though many of these trends were predicted in December of last year. Many of them have come true and that might be saying something about the interior design world. It has been ready to move on from the previous postmodern utilitarian design movements for a year or so. Blue is making waves already, from sofas, chairs to flower vases and kitchen cutlery. Consider painting your exterior in a solid earth tone to make your home look more welcoming and traditional.

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