Keeping Chic Cushions Safe In Your Patio Space

Is there anything better for making the most out of your garden than enhancing your patio? We don’t think so. After all, this is where you’ll host banging summer barbies, eat al fresco, and generally come to chillax. 

Luckily, sites like Pinterest are rife with patio ideas fit for the best right now, and many of them revolve around one key element – floor cushions galore. That’s right; if the evidence is anything to go by, we’re truly embracing the hippy love with floor-based patio cushion circles to go wild for.

Whether you’re aiming for an all-out cushion-fest or some well-placed prime pieces, you’ll likely want to know one thing – how the hell do you keep those outdoor cushions safe? After all, weather and exposure are sure to take their toll on even Californian patios!

The good news is that there are now plenty of ways to protect patio cushions, even if you don’t buy outside-specific designs. And, we’re going to consider a few of them here.

# 1 – Always take time for treatments

chic cushions Image by Annie Spratt: CC0 License

You’ll want to start this journey by seeking waterproof sealant sprays with your fabrics in mind. Treatments like these are the best way to guarantee longevity for your patio set-up. Not only will they stop the rain from ruining your designs, but they’ll also go a long way towards ensuring your cushions are hardier for longer. Not to mention that they can stop those soft-furnishings from getting anywhere near as mucky!

# 2 – Keep your patio clean

Nothing spoils a cushion set-up faster than a dirty patio. Luckily, turning to patio pressure washer services like those offered by First Class Clean could be just the thing to see you through here. By removing contaminants like algae from your patio surface, you can keep things sleek at all times, and never once worry about nasties getting on your favorite cushions. Take care of this on an annual basis, and you can bet your patio will be the envy of the street all-year-round.

# 3 – Always cover up

chic cushions Image by Randy Fath: CC0 License

Whether you live in sunny or wet conditions, a patio cover is always a good idea. Not only will this protect you from the elements, but it makes sure that your patio cushions always look their best. What’s more, this cover alone could see you using that outside seating area a whole lot more at any time of year. Forget sticking to summer for garden parties; you’ll be able to rock out even when it’s snowing! There are plenty of covers to choose from, and any of them will complement rather than compromise your patio design. So, don’t hesitate to start browsing and consider your options for patio protections at all times.

It’s understandable that you’re reluctant to expose a cushion-based patio area to all those elements, but trust us when we say that it’s entirely doable. Simply put these pointers in place, and get your zen on in an outdoor seating area like no other!



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