Keeping Your Dog Healthy


Dogs are man’s best friend- actually, they are everybody’s best friend. A dog is an amazing companion to have by your side because they are always happy, they are there to cuddle when you feel some and they show unconditional love. If you have a dog then you will want to make them happy and keep them as healthy as you can. Here are some of the ways that you can keep your best friend healthy and happy throughout its life.

A good diet

It isn’t only us humans who have to watch what they eat: we need to make sure that our pets stay eating healthy too. What we feed to our dogs is important because they need to get the right nutrients to prevent disease and health issues further down the line. For example you can look at a specific kidney disease dog diet or even feed them foods like cod liver oil and turmeric for their joints. Making sure you dog doesn’t eat too much is also important for their health, just as it is for us.

Keep them active

Dogs thrive off regular exercise and you need to make sure you give them enough activity every single day. Depending on the breed of dog you have, they could need up to 3 hours of exercise outside every single day. You can do this by either taking them out in the countryside, to the local park and even playing in the garden. It is important for their muscle growth, their lungs and joints too.

Understand their language

No one expects you to wake up tomorrow and suddenly be like Doctor Dolittle, but it is important to be able to understand your pet and when there is something wrong. After having a dog for a while you will begin to know their patterns of behaviour and you will know when something is wrong if they behave differently. When you notice different behaviour in your animal you need to try and identify what is happening and learn to solve the problem. It is difficult to say exactly how your dog will react because every animal is unique, but you will learn.

Brain training

Now, we all know that there are many different breeds of dog in the world- and these different breeds will come with a varying level of intelligence. For example, smart breeds of dog include chihuahuas, collies and spaniels; whereas lower intelligence breeds would be labradors, boxers and bulldogs.

When you are playing with your pet it is important to train their minds as well as their body because this is important for their health. For example you can sit your dog down in front of you and have a table just above their eye level. Hold a treat in your hand and drop it into the table. You will notice one of two reactions: they will jump up to retrieve the treat, or they will look down to the floor. Teaching your dog  things like this might seem useless but it can help them become smarter in the long run.



  1. Great read. Thanks for all the work you put in!

  2. The intricate language of canine communication, involving barks, whines, and body language, facilitates their seamless integration into human society. Beyond the apparent joy they bring to our lives, dogs have proven their versatility in various roles, serving as loyal service animals, skilled search and rescue partners, and adept therapy companions. Their innate ability to forge emotional connections makes them invaluable in enhancing the well-being of individuals facing physical or mental challenges. Moreover, dogs have a remarkable capacity for learning, allowing them to grasp commands, tricks, and even complex tasks with remarkable ease.

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