Let The Sun In: 7 Ways To Add More Light To Your Home


Are you a fan of the brighter days? With more of us spending more time at home than ever before, it’s important to let the light in where we can. More people are working from home and the lack of vitamin D can have a detrimental effect on physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re looking for ways to get more sunlight into your space, here are a few tips.

Light Colors

Whether it’s paint, artwork, or accessories, keeping it light will help you get the most out of the sunlight. Darker choices can absorb the light and keep your space darker than it should be. When painting the walls, opt for neutral light colors like white, magnolia, or even light shades of yellow or blue.

The lighter your walls are, the more likely sunlight will be reflected into different corners of the room. This is especially important for your working space if you work from home.


Many people make the mistake of hanging mirrors directly opposite the source of sunlight. However, all this does is project the light back out of the window or door. Your mirrors should be hung perpendicular to the source of sunlight so the reflection shines through other parts of the room.

It can also help to hang mirrors at different levels on your walls. The more light reflected into your room, the better. Think about mirrored accessories or furniture in your design too.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are a great way to let light into your home. Not only are they the ideal way to enter your garden space but they also come in a range of different designs. You may want to think about renewal by Anderson patio doors and take a look at the designs offered. 

The more sunlight you let through your patio doors, the lighter your space will be. Glass doors give you the whole door length of sunlight so whether they’re attached to your kitchen or a conservatory, they’ll work in your favor.

Open Plan

Do you find that you have more light in one room than another? Many homes have this problem if there are rooms without a window or long rooms where it may be lighter at one end and darker at the other. By opening up your home, your rooms could benefit from more light.

Creating an open plan in your home could allow light sharing from all light sources. You’ll need to consult an architect before opening up your home and find out the best way to do it.


Plants can be wonderful at directing you to light. Plants will naturally turn towards the nearest source of light because they need light to survive. By adding more plants to your home, you’ll be able to spot every tiny source of light your home benefits from.

When you know where and when the light enters your home, you can do everything you can to maximize it. Watch how your plants follow the light and design your home accordingly.

Angle Your Furniture

If you want to make the most of the sunlight in your home, you’ll need to strategically angle your furniture towards it. You may not want to put all of your furniture in the direct path of sunlight. When the sun is hot, you won’t want to sit in it for too long and it can damage and discolor furniture.

However, your furniture can be angled so that it gets the gentle sunlight rays and some relief from shade too.

Natural Lighting

It isn’t always possible to get the kind of lighting you want in your home from natural sources so the best thing you can do is mimic it as well as possible. Using lamps, fairy lights, light fixtures and more can create the kind of natural lighting you’re looking for.

Look for natural-light bulbs that are eco-friendly and use them in your darkest rooms. They may be needed in rooms without windows or they may be needed to create extra ambience in rooms with a small amount of light.

Top Tip: Triple Glazed

If you are renewing your windows and doors or creating new windows for extra light, be sure to opt for triple glazing. Not only will this allow as much light in as possible but it will also stop too much heat from getting in during warm days or getting out on cold days.

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