Make Sure You’re Always On The Customer’s Mind

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Want your business to be the one they think about when they need something new? Here’s what to do to ensure you are always on their minds (the customers, that is).

Branding that Sticks Like a Post it Note

Your branding, first and foremost, needs to be as memorable as a bright, sticky Post it note on a fridge full of bland magnets. Make your logos, slogans, and overall design so distinctive that they pop into your customers’ heads during their daily decision-making moments, and maybe even print them on actual post it notes that you hand out to them! Consider your brand’s color—make it bold, make it bright, make it YOU.

Engage Like There’s No Tomorrow

In the world of digital marketing, engagement is the name of the game. We’re talking emails that actually get opened, social media posts that beg for a double tap, and content that’s as engaging as the last season of their favorite binge-worthy series. Regular interaction keeps your audience interested and invested in your narrative. And guess what? People who are engaged are more likely to remember and choose your brand when it counts.

Solve Their Problems Before They Even Know They Have Them

If you can anticipate your customers’ needs and address them proactively, you’re not just a vendor; you’re a mind reader. Create content that answers their questions before they even ask—think blog posts, FAQs, videos, and tutorials. Show that you understand not just their desires but also their pain points. Make your product or service the answer they’ve always wanted, and they’ll think of you as the solution they can’t live without.

Personalize, Then Personalize Some More

In the era of mass emails and generic ad campaigns, personalization is a breath of fresh air. Use data analytics to tailor your communications. Send them a birthday discount, remind them when it’s time to reorder or upgrade, or simply drop a ‘thank you’ note after a purchase. A little personal touch goes a long way in making your brand feel like a friend instead of a corporation.

Loyalty Programs That Actually Reward

Loyalty programs shouldn’t just be about collecting points; they should feel like being part of an exclusive club. Offer perks that matter—early access to new products, special member discounts, or rewards that celebrate their milestones with your brand. Make being loyal to your brand not just fun but beneficial.

Remarkable Customer Service

Last but definitely not least, you will definitely want to make sure that you deliver stellar customer service at all times. Be the company that resolves issues with a smile (even if it’s through the phone). Be honest, be transparent, and above all, be quick. Customers remember the service just as much as the product, and great customer service can turn even a disgruntled buyer into a brand advocate.

Your brand deserves to be remembered, and you can help it along by doing as many of the above as your business;’ budget allows!


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