‘Tis The Season For A Proposal

Congratulations, you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the next step with the love of your life! But what do you do now? Before you start planning the perfect proposal, you’re going to need a ring. There are just a few more things to think about before you buy the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Picking the Ring Out Together

Choosing an engagement ring as a couple is becoming more and more popular. This can be attributed to increased discussions of finances in modern relationships before getting married. It’s also becoming more of a journey for the couple, rather than a decision made by the person proposing. Some couples are even deciding to split the cost of the engagement rings and wedding bands.

Aside from being an indicator of changing relationship dynamics, choosing a ring or set of rings together can also make the process a bit easier. For instance, you’ll know your partner’s ring size or can have it sized at a jewelry store. Or if you choose to buy your rings online, sites like Blue Nile offer ring guides that can be great resources.

Even if you don’t pick out the ring together, a quick shopping trip to get a sense of their taste can even lessen the stress. While passing a jewelry store, go in to look for something for a person in your life that you’d buy jewelry for and watch to see what your partner wanders over to.

Going Solo?

Have you decided to take on the challenge on yourself? No problem! There are a few questions you can pepper into everyday conversation that might help you get a better idea of what your partner will be hoping for. A well-placed question can give you a starting point that may save you some time down the road.


If you’re on your own and you need to find your partner’s ring size, take a dive into their jewelry box and borrow a ring you’ve seen them wear but not one they’ll miss, and bring it to a jeweler. Your partner hopefully won’t have time to notice it missing and the jeweler will be able to accurately tell you their ring size.

While you’re in the jewelry box, take note of the type of jewelry your partner wears! It might give a good indication of the style of ring they prefer and what they might be looking for. Also, don’t be afraid to discreetly seek help from your partner’s close family or friends to see if they have any insight.

Don’t Forget the Wedding Ring

While it’s more common to choose wedding rings together, you may decide that choosing a wedding ring along with the engagement ring is the better choice for you. Some things to be considered when picking out a wedding ring are:

How will it fit together with the engagement ring?
Should you buy the bridal set and eliminate the guesswork?
Do you want the metals and stones (if any) to match?
engagement ring

With all these questions and style choices, one thing is for certain. Picking out an engagement and wedding ring continue to be an extremely personal decision that should always reflect the person you’re purchasing them for and your relationship as a whole.

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