Gift Guide: Cozy Gifts For Her

? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ? I don’t know about y’all, but I truly look forward to all of the festivities and joy that abounds during the holiday season. However, I’m not going to deny that it can also be a stressful time: Buying gifts for family and friends can be pretty hard on your budget. That’s why I look forward to creating holiday gift guides, and hopefully putting y’all on to some cute and wallet friendly gifts you hadn’t considered! So…I’m happy to share my first holiday gift guide for 2018: Cozy gifts for her! A list of the cutest, softest, coziest gifts for all the gals in your life. The best part? The majority are under $50!!!!

cozy gifts for her

1. Kicking off this list of cozy gifts for her is this chunky and soft Pom Pom Throw. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will look super chic thrown over the couch when company drops by. This is a fave for sure!

2. You’ve seen socks like these everywhere…heck, even I’ve posted a similar pair! What I love about these Sparkle Cable Knit Socks is the gorgeous soft blush color, and the cute Pom Pom (notice a trend here?) detail. Your bestie will love you for these!

3. Faux Fur has been a major trend the last few seasons, and I’m glad because this faux fur throw is one of the perfect cozy gifts for her! I personally own this throw in the blush pink color and I can vouch for it that it’s super warm, doesn’t shed, and it stay soft and doesn’t get the wiry frizzy look/feel. Snag this one for the girly girl in your life!

4. This Velvet Bow Beanie is so stinking cute! It was so shocking when we heard that Kate Spade had passed away, but her legacy lives on thanks to her eternally chic and adorable gift items, like this hat! Love it!

5. Coffee (or hot tea, or chocolate) mugs are always a must when trying to have a cozy moment. This mug is perfect for the girl who’s all about sisterhood and girlpower! Such a great find!

6. Cozy Sherpa Robes are any girl’s best friend! Perfect for slipping into after a hot bath, or for just lounging around on the couch until Saturday afternoons! These robes are soooo soft and soooo cozy!

7. Pom hats are popular right now, and this cute winter white hat and glove set is such a steal (under $12!!!).

8. How cute are these booties! Who would ever guess that they are super comfy lounge slippers??!!!! These are the perfect cozy gift y’all, and they are UNDER $20! **These are meant to be worn indoors. They have a foam-like sole and can be worn outdoors, but I don’t recommend wearing them in rain or snow! **

9. So, why did I include candles on this list? They’re not exactly cozy or soft. I know, but I happen to believe that cozy moments are made, and setting the stage with scents is very helpful. Diptyque is well known for creating some of the best scented, high quality candles, and this candle (in scent Baies) is the best smell (IMO) and totally worth the splurge!

10. Y’all know I’m a chunky girl, and I make no bones about how I enjoy a good meal. ? So to round out this list of cozy gifts for her, I had to include this Soup and Sandwich Tray. Again, it’s not cozy, and it’s not soft, but what is a cozy moment without hot, creamy tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich? Hello??!!!! Y’all will thank me later! ?

I like for people to have options, so I found another super cute and cozy robe, but this one is hooded!!! Perfect for answering the door (for all your online shopping packages) when your hair isn’t combed! Just me?

For Bonus #2, I wanted to include another cozy candle at a much cheaper price point. This white cocoa candle smells sooooo good!!!

Happy Holidays!


See you next time!


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