Top Ideas For Converting Unused Garages

An unused garage is wasted space and financially a terrible idea. A successful and well-thought-out garage conversion can add up to 20% of the value of your home, and should you come to sell, it is an attractive option for many buyers looking for bigger, more practical homes.


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But what exactly can you use your garage for, and how do you go about it?

In the first instance, you need to check for local state laws regarding garage conversions and any permits you need to apply for. On top of this, if you live in an HOA, there may be additional guidelines you need to adhere to maintain standards.

Once you have addressed these issues, here are some great ideas for office conversions.


Why not invest in a purpose-built home gym if you are a gym-goer. Depending on the size of your garage, you can install a variety of different machines, weights, and free workout space to accommodate your needs. Add in suitable looking for cushioning and support, proper ventilation, and look at getting a new Garage Door Installation for easy access and added security to your new home gym.

Family Play Gym

You may not be a fitness buff but still, want your family to have a place to get active. A great idea is to convert the garage into a play gym and include all types of equipment for kids to enjoy. You could install some light weights, mats, and even a climbing wall, so they have space to play and stay fit.

This would allow you to spend quality time with them and create many fun memories. This also provides an area for your children to safely exercise without worrying about noise or bothering the rest of the family members inside the home.

Guest House

A guest house is an excellent conversion idea as it can be used frequently. You can rent out a converted garage cum guest house if you live in a popular tourist area or use it for visiting family and friends as a self-contained unit with its facilities and entrance in the vein of a studio apartment.

Cinema Room

For a more luxurious addition, when considering a cinema room. Be in control of all the movies, install a popcorn machine or take advantage of your kitchen to host movie nights with food, drinks and added luxury without going anywhere. Add soundproofing to your walls, and you can “leave” the family home to spend a night at your cinema, aka your garage.

Entertaining Space

If you have a large family, entertainers, or are just looking for extra space, why not convert your garage to an entertainment area? You could turn the garage into a place for family gatherings and parties. 

Add a home bar, comfy seating options, mood lighting, and a sound system to hook up the music of your tv so you can host family and friends without worrying about disturbing the house. Your new entertaining space can be as detailed or simple as you like and is a great way to transform your unused garage space into somewhere you enjoy spending time.



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  1. It can also be used as a home office! These days having a home office has become popular again as many of us switched to working from home.

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