Tuck In Your Shirt Curvy Girl! It’s Ok!

Hey socialites! If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know all about my lower belly fat that I lovingly refer to as “fluff”, or grudgingly refer to as a “FUPA.” (It all depends on how I’m feeling.)  Because of this lower belly pudge, I always believed I could never tuck in my tops or show my belt, like those willowy thin bloggers with their perfectly tucked tees and Gucci belts.

Although I have never been the type of plus sized girl who hides behind loose, shapeless garments, I did tend to hide my belly pooch with longer length shirts and sweaters, and I shied away from shorter shirts, or bodycon/sheath dresses. But one day, I realized that my belly shows up no matter what I’m wearing, or how I wear it.

tuck your shirt

The Perfect Tuck

It took a while (and a lot of mirror time!) to figure out the best method for tucking my shirts AND the style of tuck that works best with my figure. Because I’m short waisted, with a “blocky” torso, I look best with a front tuck, and not a full tuck. The front tuck showcases my legs and make them look much longer. Yes, you can see my lower belly, but the focus is on my shirt and my jeans. Because the back of my top is not tucked in, it gives the illusion of a longer torso and more curves!

tuck your shirt

How To Tuck Your Shirt

Check out this super helpful video by Laura Beverlin below! It shows many different ways to tuck your shirt, and its curvy girl approved! ???

As a plus sized girl, it can sometimes be intimidating to copy “straight size” trends, but we don’t have to hide behind mumus, empire waist, and trapeze cut tops anymore! Well fitting clothing of a quality material can be worn in a multitude of figure flattering ways…even tucked in! So go ahead curvy girl, and tuck in your shirt!

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tuck your shirt


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