Chic Ways to Style Statement and Layered Necklaces

I have read so many magazine articles and blog posts over the years about all of the staple pieces needed to have a complete wardrobe. You know…the classic trench, the white button down…etc. Heck, I even wrote a blog post similar to that myself! But even though I have a passion for fashion, and adore glamour, I am, at my core, a “jeans, t-shirt, and comfortable shoes” kinda gal. For me, my must have wardrobe pieces are Accessories! The right earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can change the look of an outfit, either dressing it up, or dressing it down and giving a bit of edge (think…feathery boho pieces, or silver spikes!) Necklaces are my favorite accessories by far, and I am really into layered pieces, or big colorful statement pieces. I’m going to share a few of my favorites below, as well as some styling ideas! Feel free to leave a comment with your own tips! I love reading them, and I’m sure my other readers will too! 😘

Statement necklaces displayed

Styling Tip #1: Pair Layered Necklaces with Button Down Shirts. I like to wear my long layered necklaces with button down blouses to add a little bit of visual interest and edge. I’m modest, so I don’t unbutton too much, but just enough for the necklace to be shown!

Gold multi strand necklace

Gold layered necklace

This gold Layered Necklace from Civion is one of my faves! It is delicate, but very geometric, and pairs well with casual tops and slightly dressy evening blouses. I’m linking other layered necklaces in the Shop The Post section below! Hint: Baublebar makes great ones!

Styling Tip #2: Dress Up T-Shirts with Chunky, Ornate Pieces. I love the contrast of a snug fitting tee with a bulky glitzy statement necklace: it takes your look right into Socialite Status. One company that nails this look perfectly is a shop on Etsy called Sassy Queen. They sell tees and the corresponding statement necklaces, which means you won’t need a stylist! 😉 I’ll link to the tees underneath each photo, for your purchase!

Do epic chic t-shirtDo Epic Chic It’s Dior Darling T-ShirtIt’s Dior Darling Creme de la CremeCrème De La CrèmeFashion Junkie Birthday Girl

Styling Tip #3: Add a Little Modesty To Deep V-Cut Tops with A Bib Statement Necklace. As I shared above, I’m a little modest, so I try to camouflage cleavage by wearing camis under low v-cut shirts. When a cami isn’t possible…say, a formal event, I use chunky bib-like baubles to cover my chest! In the photo below, the black panel that is artfully covering my cleavage is a black beaded and feathered necklace! I got tons of comments on the piece, and no one was any wiser that this necklace was pulling double duty!

Styling Tip #4: Use Statement Necklaces to Add a POP of Color! I am wearing a simple green t-shirt that I’ve had forever in the photos below. But since I love to shop my own closet, I have to find ways to update even my oldest, most faded and worn tops! I decided to pair this top with a yellow floral collar necklace in a bright yellow for a standout pop of color. No…this outfit won’t win me any style awards, but it still serves as proof that a necklace can chic-ify any look!

Styling Tip #5: Dress Up Jeans with Full-On “Diamond” Baubles. One of my favorite companies for Statement Jewelry is Paparazzi Accessories! They add new styles to the site daily, which will allow to explore colors and trends without breaking the bank! Everything is $5!!! They do have a pricier Signature Series, which has dressier pieces for $25!!! (I’m wearing one of the Signature Series pieces in the photos below.) You do have to have a sales consultant in order to purchase. My consultant is Tamika Walden and you can click this link to purchase from her! *Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Paparazzi Accessories nor Tamika Walden, and I will not generate any income from this link! All opinions are my own! 😘*

I like to wear jeans everywhere…even for nights out on the town. So finding statement necklaces to dress up my jeans is a must! I love wearing my jeans with heels, a nice silky top, and bold baubles! I fell in love with this stunning necklace and matching earrings. Click here to purchase, and search Item #Z716!

*Thank you to Civion for sponsoring this post!*

See ya next time!

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  1. I love the accessories and your shoe game is everything!! You are really teaching me a lot about fashion. It was really good seeing you at fashion week!! Please keep the blogs coming. I have tried out some looks and finally getting compliments about the way I am dressing.

  2. OMG I am soo excited I am writing this before I finish reading….I want the Birthday girl one. My birthday is in Decemeber and that’s what I want to wear! I just hope she does plus size!!!!

    1. The Birthday Girl tee is too fabulous!!! You will look amazing! 😘 And yes, from what I saw, their sizes go up to 3X.

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