3 Steps To Follow When You Have Water Damage In Your Home

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Discovering water damage is never fun as you already know it’s going to be a big issue! While it is sometimes impossible to prevent water damage, you can deal with it in a way that makes it less problematic than it needs to be. Here are three crucial steps to follow when you spot water damage on your property:

Step 1: Prevent the problem from getting worse

The first step is to figure out what’s causing the water damage and stop it from doing more damage to your property. Sometimes, this will be painfully obvious. For example, there’s a hole in your roof that’s leaking water when it rains. Here, you can put a bucket under the hole to collect any water, stopping the floorboards from being damaged by the rain. 

Other times, the source of the issue isn’t as clear. It could be due to a burst pipe in your plumbing system. In this case, you can prevent further issues by turning off your water supply. Or, another idea is to move any furniture or objects near the problem, preventing them from getting covered in water and suffering extreme water damage. 

Step 2: Call in the professionals

After you’ve tried to stop the problem from worsening, call in the professionals to help you out. Again, this depends on what’s causing the water damage. When the cause is a leak from your roof, you’ll need a professional roofing contractor to come in and patch your roof up. 

For other causes, your best bet is to call a plumber. They can figure out the source of your water damage and work quickly to fix it. It’s worth calling emergency plumbing services when this happens, so they know it’s urgent and can act fast.

Step 3: Repair/restore any water-damaged items

Finally, when the cause of the water damage has been dealt with, your task is to restore any water-damaged items. They need to be thoroughly dried and cleaned to remove any excess moisture and stop mold spores from forming. 

It is possible to handle this task by yourself, though it can depend on how severe the water damage is – and what was damaged. In many instances, looking for a service like Blue Kangaroo packouts and contents restoration is a clever move. Services like these can help you remove items from your home and restore them to their pre-water-damaged state. The importance of actually taking care of water-damaged items can’t be ignored. If you leave them in their current state, they might still have a bit of moisture in them that leads to mold. Aside from being really unsightly, this could cause health complications for people in your home. 

On that note, you’ve completed all three steps when experiencing water damage in the home. The most critical thing to remember is that you must act fast. It might not seem like a major issue, but water damage can be devastating for both your finances and your family’s safety. You must follow the three steps to ensure the problem is dealt with quickly and doesn’t escalate. 


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  1. Good article. It is also important not to leave the water to dry on its own. Besides the gross factor of the excess water, this water can also seep into wood floors or between the cracks of linoleum tiles, absorbing into the material and contributing to rot.

  2. Hello there,

    Thank you for sharing this!

    By the way, boiler leaks are a very common cause of water damage in a home. The pipes immediately underneath your boiler are going to be your number one culprit for the leaking boiler. The most common cause of this pipework causing a boiler leak is corrosion of the pipes.

  3. Thank you for sharing this info!
    I just want to add that if you’re experiencing water leaks in your home, you may also be having problems with corrosion. This means the metal pipes are slowly breaking down and allowing water to pass through. To prevent burst pipes, patch the leaks ASAP or hire a plumber if you don’t feel comfortable patching the leak yourself.

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