4 Productive Means Of Bonding With Your Little One

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Too many parenting guides online can imply a child is a project to be worked on. Sure, that’s one way of looking at it, after all, you need to learn to set boundaries with your child so they understand what is and isn’t acceptable as they age. Bringing a new human into the world is an incredible responsibility, so, understandably, parents care about getting that right.

But it’s also important to never forget the importance of bonding and shared memories. After all, the foremost approach is about management and administration of looking after a little one, the latter (enjoying memories) is what you have the little one for to begin with. The kind of love and fun experience you share is what we all cherish about family life, even so much that we’re willing to take the difficult periods as long as we can be with the one we love.

That begs a question – are there methods you can take that are both productive, while also allowing you to bond with your little one? We believe there are. Here’s what that might look like in practice:

Play Educational Games

Playing games is always fun with a child, and always an opportunity to bond. You can also make these both fun and educational, such as these letter sound activities that help you better teach communicating and reading skills. This way, you can combine two practices in one – extracurricular reinforcement, and relaxing on a busy school evening.

Cook Or Bake Simple Recipes Together

One memory many people hold close to their hearts is the smell, sights, and sounds of their parent cooking when they were little. Baking cookies, making pasta, rolling flour for bread, it can be fun to engage your little one with these activities and show them the wonderful, taste fruits of their labor. What a lovely way to inspire a child!

Read Books Aloud & Discuss Stories

Reading a book collection together (popular favorites include fairy tales), you can talk about the story, what the themes were or the lessons that you learned, and you can even dramatize parts of the story. This can not only encourage your little one to fall asleep when they’re supposed to (which is a big deal as any parent will agree), but it can help you spend those relaxed and comforting hours with them, just you, your little one, and a book. It’s nice to bond without anyone else or electronic gadgets getting in the way.

Attend Child-Friendly Events Or Classes

It’s nice to get out of the house and not solely for clubs they attend. For example, joining the swimming club at their school can be a nice activity for them, but heading to the leisure pool on a weekend and enjoying the slides together? That can be even better. Even if you just head to the local museum or aquarium, this is a blast too, and may even be cheaper for your purse.


With this advice, you’re sure to bond, and bond productively, with your little one.


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