Why Is Your Kid So Tired And Low-Energy?

Children nowadays have all manners of distractions that can keep them indoors, and with an increasing lack of public play spaces outdoors, it’s not a new complaint that parents worry their kids are spending too much time sitting down indoors. However, if your child is showing a real lack of energy throughout the day, then there may well be a reason behind that. Here, we’re going to look at some.

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They’re staying up too late

The most common cause of a chronically sleepy child is that they’re not getting enough sleep at night. Try to make sure that they don’t spend too long staying up at night, and prevent trouble with falling and staying asleep by creating a good bedtime routine and ensuring their bedroom is calm, and dark, and shuts out external distractions. 

They’re not getting enough structured meals

Your metabolism plays a key role in how tired or energetic you feel throughout the day, and routine meal patterns help maintain it. Make sure that your child eats something, even if it’s smaller before they leave for school, and consider how to improve school lunches to ensure they’re getting the energy boost they need partway through the day. Otherwise, their metabolism will tank and they’ll start getting lethargic.

They’re eating too much candy

Keeping with the subject of their diet, too many sugary foods is a big red flag that you should address ASAP. The sugar rush can make them get a momentary boost of energy but once that’s over, they’re going to crash, which can also interfere with sleep, homework, and other things in their daily routine.

They don’t get enough physical activity

If your child isn’t getting the physical activity that they need, they’re going to start feeling more tired. Four-year-olds need roughly 3 hours of physical activity, including play, every day. If they’re not getting enough, you need to start making it more fun and even take part in it yourself, to make sure that this does not become a chronic habit. A lack of physical activity will lead to a plethora of health problems down the line.

They are going through a growth spurt

Kids can go through growth spurts at any time throughout their life, and they typically last for around a week to two weeks. If this happens, all you need to do is to ride it out with them, make sure that you’re there for them, and expect to see a difference in your child, as they are likely to become more emotionally and mentally mature when they hit, as well.

There may be something wrong

If none of the above issues are at fault, then it could be the case that there’s a medical reason for their fatigue. If that’s the case, then you should take them to the doctor immediately. 


Kids, even the introverted kind, should be full of energy that they’re ready to play away. If they’re not, then you need to take a look at why. The above instances are a few places you should start looking.


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