4 Ways To Incorporate Menswear Into Your Look à la Blake Lively in A Simple Favor

On rare occasions, a piece of cinema transcends being just a film, and becomes gesamtkunstwerk: German for total work of art. Films like Rear Window, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and arguably Clueless (leave 90’s fashion off my list? As If!) are just as well known for their sartorial impact as they are for their plot. While the newly released (9/14/2018) “A Simple Favor” was, in my opinion, a witty and darkly comic romp, it is Blake Lively’s ability to wear menswear as well as a foot fits a sock, that makes this film a total fashion moment!

While we may not all have Lively’s leggy 5,10″ lithe frame, it’s totally possible to pull off menswear by incorporating a few key pieces at a time. Here are four ways to incorporate menswear into your look!

The Sexiness of Suiting

When you’re super tall and lean, it’s kind of easy to pull off men’s suiting with aplomb. I, measuring only 5’4″, with a round belly and a short waist, have accepted that a 3 piece suit is not likely to be my best look. ? If you have your share of figure challenges, you can still enjoy the tailored look by breaking a suit down and wearing one piece at a time: A classic blazer with jeans or sleek black pants; a vest worn alone or over a poplin blouse; or an eye catching tie with a classic starched white blouse, and a print pant. Don’t be afraid to amp up the fun factor with bow ties or cravats. Scroll through the widgets below for some suiting inspo. I’ve included pieces that will work for a wide range of figures and budgets!

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

The Oxford Edit

Lively’s Christian Louboutin’s were the perfect touch for her power suit wardrobe. While it’s easy to throw a pair of heels on with your suit, why not commit and carry the theme all the way through with classic oxfords? While black and brown are always safe, don’t shy away from pairing your menswear look with retro black and white saddle shoes, or an embellished, studded pair!

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

The Gilded Touch

Gold is a powerful and attention grabbing metal, and most men embrace it by choosing gold watches, gold cuff links…heck, all gold everything! If you’ve chosen to do the menswear thing, you might as well go for the gusto and add some gilded accessories like these!

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

Top It Off

The fedora is the pièce de résistance for any great menswear look, being more stylish than a simple beret, but less showy than the top hat. Stick with the classic shape…don’t go too tall or too wide brimmed. The fedoras in the widget below strike the perfect balance!

Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

What menswear pieces will you incorporate this Fall? Drop me a line, or share your photos and posts below! ??

See you next time!


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