4 Ways To Protect Your Property From Fire

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Fire can be quite a scary threat in the modern world. Many of the items you use each day have the potential to cause this element to go out of control, and this can be devastating for a home or business. Many people neglect this side of their life, though, creating fire risks everywhere around them, despite the fact that it is easy to avoid this. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring four of the best ways to protect your property from fire, giving you the chance to take this worry off of your mind.

Passive Protection

Passive protecting methods have been used to fight fire for a long time. Sprinklers are a common example of this, setting off and spraying water when a fire is detected. Of course, though, most homes can’t have sprinklers fitted, and this is an expensive upgrade to make. Instead, tools like Fire Bombs can be a great alternative. When an object like this gets too hot, it will explode in a flurry of fire extinguishing material. While this will leave a mess, it is better than dealing with a fire.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Fires often start when people don’t take proper care of their property. Dust can be highly flammable, and it only takes a small spark from a faulty appliance to set this off. Duct cleaning services are perfect for solving issues like this, as they can clear an area of your home or business that is extremely susceptible to fires. Of course, though, it will be worth doing more than this to make sure that your place is properly protected from fires.

Common Sense

Many of the world’s fires are caused almost entirely by human error. It can be all too easy to make a mistake that can cause a fire, though this is something that can be avoided with a little bit of common sense. For example, using a power socket for more than a handful of high-power appliances can be very risky, as it will draw more power from the wall than the socket is rated for. Using two sockets can solve this issue, but this is just one example of the issues you have to look out for.

The Right Doors

Fires need both air and fuel to be able to rage through a building, and this is something you can take away when you use the right doors. Fire doors are designed to be incredibly difficult to burn, while also forming a tight seal around the frame that will prevent smoke from escaping and air from getting in. Using doors like this can be a great way to protect your space, making it much easier to keep your business safe from fires.


As you can see, this process is much easier than you might have expected. Fires can be very dangerous, but you can also take a lot of steps to minimise the risk. This is always worth it when you care about the property you use.



  1. Thank you for covering such an important topic! Fires could also occur due to faulty wiring. Faulty wiring causes shorts which then can ignite a house fire. According to this source https://happyhiller.com/blog/rewiring-a-house-why-you-should-never-diy/, an electrical malfunction is listed as one of the top causes of house fires.
    So, another important thing you should really do to ensure fire safety is to check the wiring in your home and do rewiring if needed. Actually, it should be done every 20 years.

    You should also remember that rewiring is something that should be left to a pro. When you attempt to complete electrical rewires on your own you put your health, the health of others, and your property at risk.

    1. Absolutely, electrics should be left only to professionals. Many homeowners decide to do everything on their own, risking their health and the safety of their property. Faulty wiring can go undetected for years leaving the homeowner to feel like it was a DIY job well done until a fire occurs.

  2. Another thing you should really do toward fire safety is to check all the electrical appliances in your home. Old and faulty ones tend to work harder and consume much more energy to function. This may cause high overvoltage and fire.
    Also, try to put appliances away from flammable objects such as curtains, any textiles.

  3. For fire safety purposes, you need also pay attention to the circuit breaker in your home. According to this source https://escoutah.com/prevent-residential-fire-help-salt-lake-city-electrician/, if your house was built prior to the 1990s when Federal Pacific Electric breakers sold like flapjacks, it’s best to have them replaced. Given the nationwide market for the breakers, many homes may still be relying on these faulty devices. Replace them with brand-new circuit breakers that no longer use the Stab-Lok system.

  4. Other electrical issues to look out for include your home’s wiring. The truth is that all homes’ wiring eventually experiences some wear and tear, but that’s just one reason it’s a good idea to have your wiring inspected. If you have ever had a pest problem, there’s a chance those unwanted critters have chewed through parts of your wiring. Also, if you live in an older home, it may be hard for your wiring to keep up with your modern electrical needs.

    Check if your home is safe according to this checklist: https://servicetoday247.com/is-your-electrical-system-safe/.

  5. Yes, cleaning is important. Lint and dust causes around your furnace is also very hazardous. You can avoid dust build-up by vacuuming inside and around your furnace every month.
    For wall furnaces, clean inside the burner compartments. Clean this area at least once a month during winter to avoid lint build up. For natural gas furnaces, the flame should burn blue. Orange or yellow flames may mean your furnace needs cleaning or adjusting by a professional.

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