5 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends I’m Loving

Hi Socialites! If you’ve been waiting for more personal style posts, get ready! I’ve been doing a little shopping for the Fall/Winter season, as well as editing my closet and bringing back some of my favorite sweaters and boots from last season that are still on trend for this year. Perks of all this wardrobe curating? Seeing all of the fabulous Fall/Winter fashion trends out there right now!  While we might enjoy the warmer months (helloooo ocean!), I think we can admit that cold weather fashion, from sexy boots to chic coats, is everything! I’m sharing my 5 favorite Fall/Winter fashion trends that I’ve found this year. Keep reading for the deets!

Flamboyant Boots

Fall/Winter fashion trendsQuestforu Feather Boots | Nine West

Over the knee boots were huge last season (and still are), but I’m loving the fun, flirty, and just downright (fashionably) insane boots that are coming out this year.  Fashion doesn’t always have to be perfectly polished, and showy boots like these allow you to reveal a hint of personality, even with a pared down outfit.

Shades of Wine

Whether you call it Cabernet, Bordeaux, or good ole’ burgundy, this color (which packed a huge style punch last year) is still one of the top Fall/Winter fashion trends this year. While last season’s Merlot offerings were typically relegated to accessories and trench coats, I have seen sweaters, pants, scarves, ruanas, and tons of boots available in the wine color family.


Teddy Bear Coats

Fall/Winter fashion trendsPremium Teddy Faux Fur Coat | Boohoo

If you follow any fashion bloggers on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen the teddy coat being worn by the vast majority! Here in NC, it typically doesn’t turn chilly until on, or a few days before Halloween, but I’ve been patiently biding my time until I can get all wrapped up and cozy in one of these adorable furry coats!



Fall/Winter fashion trendsTortoise Print Necklace | Shop Impressions

I’ve always been a sucker for tortoiseshell sunnies, so I’m super happy to see this print as one of the top Fall/Winter fashion trends this season! You can snag tortoiseshell earrings, necklaces, and cuffs as the perfect accessories for your camel, pumpkin, and golden yellow fall attire!

Faux Fur Trim

I love a good Faux fur collared coat. The detail just makes it look lush, you know? While I typically see faux fur accents on the hoods of puffer coats, and “the boots with the fur”, I’ve been happy to spot this trend as a detail on everything from denim jackets, to scarves, and sweaters. Faux fur is one of those Fall/Winter fashion trends that will likely never die, so don’t be afraid to splurge on a few key pieces that really suit your style, as you will more than get your money’s worth!

What are some of your favorite Fall/Winter fashion trends for this season? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me (and all of my readers) know!
See you next time!


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  5. Wow! You are looking so cozy in this outfit. You styled it perfectly. Thanks for the inspiring look.

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