The Importance of Getting Away From It All

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In life, it can be really important to take some time out and get away from your daily routine.  Within human needs psychology there’s both a need for certainty, which could also be described as stability – for instance, keeping a roof over your head and having the stability of a regular job or fitness routine… yet, when we have too much certainty, life begins to feel dull and boring.

When we have too much “certainty” we tend to become withdrawn and apathetic – which is why it’s vitally important, in addition to certainty, we also have uncertainty or variety in our lives.  This is where we need a sense of adventure and challenge; a break away from the daily routine to uncover a new land or immerse ourselves in a foreign culture, for instance, is a great way to meet this emotional need for variety.

If certainty is a sense of stability then uncertainty is a sense of adventure; yet even with our need for adventure there’s a need for some certainty, for instance sailing with a reputable company like GlobeSailor could offer a better way to meet this need than simply taking to the ocean in a canoe and hoping for the best!

Here are three reasons why it’s important to get away from it all from time to time:


Taking a break gives you a chance to reconnect; we live in a world where we are so busy and overloaded with tasks and stimuli that are outside of ourselves that we often lose connection with what’s going on on the inside.   A vacation offers a chance to reconnect with yourself, in addition, it’s a brilliant opportunity to connect with your partner, friends and family – as it ensures you “make time” for these important relationships.


Whilst some people will overindulge on their travels when it comes to food and alcohol, a trip offers a chance to replenish your body with plenty of rest and often healthy food; particularly if you’re heading to somewhere like SE Asia or the Caribbean where the herbs, spices and fresh fruit play a large part in their diet.


Travel is a great way to gain perspective on a situation; sometimes you’re living in the situation to the point that you can’t “see the wood for the trees” – meaning, you’re so overwhelmed by the situation itself that you can’t handle it.  This is where taking a birdseye view of the situation, from a little distance can help gain perspective and consider your options from a more balanced and grounded viewpoint.

If you’re dealing with a difficult decision or know you need to make a change in your life, then travel can be a very helpful tool to get away from the situation and gain much needed perspective to resolve the matter in your best interest.



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