5 Fireplace Decor Ideas That Are Lit

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If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, then it can be a real focal point for your home, especially at this time of year when it’s starting to get cold out in many places, and holidays around the roaring fire are a thing that many people dream of.

That being the case, below, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways you can decorate your fireplace, to make it even more of a feature for your home, right now:

Mantel Madness

Can we talk about the endless possibilities that come with a mantel? If you’re lucky enough to have one, then you should really make an effort to dress it up! From vintage clocks to family photos, and from artsy vases to seasonal decor (hello, mini pumpkins and Christmas angels) or string lights, a mantel is your canvas waiting to be painted, so get moving, Picasso!

Stone Veneer Vibes

Now, before you dismiss the idea thinking, “Stone? That’s so medieval castle-ish,” hear me out. Stone veneer is the chic cousin of raw stone and can transform your fireplace into a stylish centerpiece all year around. Whether you’re gunning for a rustic touch or a sleek modern feel, there’s a stone veneer out there with your name on it. Plus, with the varying textures and colors it comes in, you’re sure to find a style that complements your space beautifully, and adds a rustic charm to the space.

A Splash of Color

Who said fireplaces have to be drab and gray? They really don’t! So, why not paint the surrounding wall a bold color? Imagine a deep navy or a vibrant teal framing your fireplace. Not only does this create a visual focal point, but it also adds a delightful pop to the room that will make the flames stand out even more once the fire is roaring!

Mirror Mirror on the… Hearth?

Placing a large mirror over the fireplace can be a game changer. Not only does it visually expand the room giving the illusion of lots more space, but the reflection of the flickering flames can also double the ambiance too. Whether you go for an ornate vintage mirror or a sleek modern one, it’s bound to make a statement you’ll love. Just be careful when looking into it if the fire is on!

Firewood Fancy

Stacking firewood can be a functional way to ensure you always have the fuel you need to stay warm, and of course, it can be a neat decorative touch too. Even if you have a gas fireplace, neatly stacked logs to the side (or in a stylish holder) can evoke that cozy, cabin-in-the-woods feeling. You could even get creative with it and try to make some fun patterns from the logs!

As you can see, your fireplace can be the one thing that truly makes your home stand out, while also making it feel as warm and inviting as possible, so make an effort to decorate it this winter!


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