5 Quick Ways to Look Chic and Polished


We’ve all seen her: That woman who always looks effortlessly chic, with her clothing impeccably tailored (and wrinkle free!), her hair in that perfectly messy but you know it took 30 minutes to achieve style, and her makeup artfully applied. I am.not.that.woman! But I try to be, and I think I come pretty darn close (on most days) to achieving that elegant aesthetic. I have crafted a list of 5 style tips that, when used correctly, can take you from Main St. to Madison Ave chic in 30 minutes or less!


People see the word neutral and they instantly conjure up images of beige, oatmeal, and blah.  While it is true that neutral encompasses shades of ivory, taupe, and white,  the new school neutrals include blush (which has been gorgeous this S/S), 50 shades of gray, leopard print, and even darker shades like Bordeaux. All of these colors are beautiful, but provide a non threatening base for you to build your look upon.

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Anything in Camel*

Camel is a shade that brings a touch of instant chic to whatever you are wearing. I love a good camel colored cashmere or wool overcoat in winter. Heels in the camel shade are a touch darker than nude, but look stunning on every skin tone. And let’s not even talk about a good camel colored leather handbag: It really brings a look together and makes you look super polished!

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*and derivatives of the shade such as Cognac, Caramel, or whatever other food/beverage name they use!

Dainty Jewelry

I love a good statement necklace, or a pair of over sized earrings.  I really do. However, when you need to look refined, dainty pieces in gold or white gold are the way to go. Think fine chains with a small charm,  or 1 or 2 thin gold bracelets. For elegant occasions, take a cue from Grace Kelly and slip on a pearl necklace with matching pearl earrings.

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Heels Bring The Chic!

When it comes to a chic look, I’m all about low cost fashion mixed with expensive handbags and shoes. Now, shoes that say “Man-Made Uppers” may be fine for day to day, but when you need to look like the refined Suburban Socialite you are, the shoe has to come correct!  I find that pointy toe heels no less than 3″ will pull a look together like no one’s business! On the luxe end, you can’t go wrong with Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, or Manolo Blahnik (the BB pumps are youthful and trendy). If you don’t want to commit to spending a ton, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, and Vince Camuto are the way to go. For evenings, I love a classic black patent pump, a strappy stiletto, or a sexy D’orsay cut.

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*I selected several black and nude shades, but most of these options come in more than one color. There is nothing wrong with a heel in a complimentary “pop” color! 

Hair & Makeup

I’m combining these two categories because details such as well manicured nails, clean and styled hair, and a carefully made up face are what bring your chic look to completion! You may be dressed from head to toe in an ensemble that would have made Audrey Hepburn proud; but if your hair is shabby, and your face undone your look will lack polish! I will say that a topknot bun always makes you look chic and polished, even if you are wearing workout attire. Same for a low chignon. Loose wavy hair, with a side or center part is also very refined. A red lip always lends itself to a glam and polished look.  When wearing a red lip, it is important that all other makeup be understated and neutral so as to not overpower the bold lip.

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Handbags and Accessories

The Pièce de résistance! We have all seen photos of women dressed to kill, with their luxury handbags hanging on their arm just so. I know everyone doesn’t have the same budget, but I have found that mid-tier designer and luxury brand pieces can really elevate a look in minutes! We’ve all seen those style bloggers who can pair a white tee and jeans with a Gucci belt and look oh so fab! Get inspired below: I’ve curated bags and accessories for every budget!

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See you next time!



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  1. These are great tips that can give you that polish look for any occasion.

  2. Great Selection Nordstrom is my one of my favorite stores.

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