5 Things We Love about the Hermes Evelyne

I thought I’d do something a little different for today’s Friday Faves post, and highlight one of my favorite bags from Hermès: the Hermes Evelyne! I adore this bag because of its’ chic functionality (I had a wallet, hubby’s billfold, a book, 2 phones, a makeup bag, and a camera in my bag pictured in the photo below), but also for all of the reasons listed below! Read on to find out why you need the Hermes Evelyne in your life, like right now!

Hermes Evelyne
Model Alessandra Ambrosia wearing Hermes Evelyne in Gold. Photo Credit: www.purseblog.com

The Functionality

This bag packs quite a punch on the usefulness scale! It hold a ton (see my intro) and the cross body style allows for hands free wear! It has a wide, durable canvas strap that evenly distributes the weight of the bag for comfort. The bag has a small pocket on the front (did you know? The perforated H pattern on the bag should actually be worn facing the body, unlike how I wear mine!). The pocket allows for easy access of keys, cell phone, etc.

The Rainbow of Colors

Hermès does so many things well, and colorful shades of leather is just the icing on the cupcake! The Evelyne comes in a rainbow of super saturated colors in just about every color family. Love red? Rouge Casaque, Rouge Tomate, or Rouge Grenat will be tops on your list! Other standout colors include Rose Confetti (this shade is on my wishlist), Bleu Atoll, Rose Jaipur, Classic Orange, Étoupe, and Bleu Nuit!

The Soft Leather

While Hermes offers several leather options, Togo, Epsom, and Clemence are typically the most popular. I recommend getting the Hermes Evelyne in soft and supple Clemence leather. Clemence is a fabulous “squishy” leather that allows this crossbody style to really mold itself to your body. Clemence is a heavier leather that has a tendency to slouch, but the shape of the Evelyne lends itself to a more structured, less slouchy design.


Hermes Evelyne
My Hermes Evelyne III TPM in Rouge Casaque!

The Price Point

We all know that Hèrmes is expensive, although the myths of standard leather Birkins costing $20,000 are just that: myths. However, an Hermès bag will set you back a pretty penny due to the quality of the leather, and the time it takes each artisan to craft each handstitched bag. The Hermes Evelyne has a mid-range price point of $3750.00 USD* for a large size (GM) and $3300.00 USD* for a medium size (PM) *at the time of this writing.  Pricey, but not too far out of the range of many luxury handbag brands! The Evelyne is an excellent entry level bag for the brand, and allows you to develop a rapport with the store that may eventually lead to being offered a Birkin or Kelly!

The History

The Hermes Evelyne was initially conceptualized in 1978 as a leather carry-all bag for horse groomers to carry their brushes, sponges, etc. Eventually the bag came to be used as a traditional handbag, but still maintained the innovative and functional saddle-bag shape!

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  1. This is a really beautiful bag. Thanks for sharing about it; I had seen it a few times but didn’t know the name of it or the history. Just learned something new!

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  3. Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel blogger, based in NC.

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