Absolute Heresy: Why Melbourne Is Better Than Sydney


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For many tourists, Sydney is the ultimate Australian destination. It has the world-famous opera house on the harbor, the biggest population, and some beautiful beaches.

But Melbourne is no slouch. In fact, on many measures, it actually beats its bigger and more famous rival.

It’s One Of The Most Livable Cities In The World

Sydney is a great place to visit, but actually living there can be a challenge. The traffic, pollution, and high costs all quickly wear you down. 

Melbourne, though, is different. Victoria’s capital regularly ranks as being one of the most livable cities in the world, thanks to the low pollution levels, healthy job market, and excellent public transport. Getting around the city is easy, even if you don’t have a car.

It’s More Affordable

The cost of living in Melbourne is considerably lower than in Sydney. Real estate prices are cheaper, meaning that rents are as well. Average buying prices for houses are around 37 percent lower in Victoria’s capital than they are in Sydney. 

It Has Better Schools

It’s hard to believe that Melbourne has better schools than Sydney, but the evidence certainly points in that direction. The city is at the top of the league on many measures and ranks second to Tokyo as the best place for students to come and study.

It Has An Exciting Night Life

Melbourne’s nightlife is something you have to experience to believe. The city is home to some of the best rooftop bars in the world which put their European equivalent to shame. Even during the slower months of the year, there’s still loads to experience, including jazz, live music, and even stand-up comedy. 

The Food Is Great

Melbourne is quiet about its food scene. But if you want culinary delights, then there probably isn’t a better city in the entire southern hemisphere. Restaurants offer dining experiences from all over the world. There are also many home-grown talented chefs, too, who run eateries throughout the city, some of them Michelin-starred.

The Weather Is More Diverse

Being so far south, Melbourne has seasons close to what you might experience in Europe or North America. Summer temperatures in the city are surprisingly mild, topping out at around 25 degrees C, which makes it pleasant year-round. Air conditioning is available, but it is not essential.

The Public Transportation Is Excellent

Melbourne has considerably less traffic than Sydney, thanks to careful urban planning and excellent public transportation. The trams that run through the city, for instance, provide predictable routes and let you stop off at all the major junctions and points of interest. Interestingly, Melbourne’s tram system is the biggest in the world, and the city circle tram is free to use. Just hop on and off whenever you want. 

It Has A Quirky Arts Scene

Lastly, Melbourne is home to an interesting arts scene, offering everything from theater music to visual art. It has more museums and galleries than Sydney, too, which comes as a shock for many people who visit.



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