Adventures In The Middle East That Need To Be On Your Bucket List

For some time now the Middle East has only been visited by the most hardy and experience of travelers. However, the region is begging to open up to a wider range of visitors. With that in mind, here are some of the world-famous sites and locations that if you are heading to that area of the world, you simply must not miss.

Dead Sea

While the Dead Sea might sound like a place you would rather stay away from it is, in fact, a very popular tourist attraction in the Middle East. It’s located along the border of Israel and is so famous because of the incredibly high salt content of the water. Such high salination as its known means that people float very easily while bathing in its waters and the surrounding mud from the banks is also known to be particularly helpful for skin and other health conditions. It’s an amazing marvel of nature visually as well, so make sure you visit this area if you are traveling in the Middle East.

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Medina is a city in Saudi Arabia that is visited by millions of travelers each year. This is because it is home to the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi an essential site for the pilgrimage of Haji that Muslims are required to do at least once in their lifetime. You can even get specially tailored holidays from companies like Hajj & Umrah Express that include tours geared toward the more religious traveler. A way of visiting this region in peak season that can make it a lot easier to do.

However, there are also many other sites in Mediana that are worth a visit including the fascinating Hejaz Railway Museum. Here you can get a glimpse of how the Ottoman Empire used to run its railways as well as some interesting general info on local history.


While Medina is a beautiful city steeped in history, those looking for a newer and more up to date experience would do well to visit Dubai.

This is a city where luxury rules supreme. There are so many opulent hotels like the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab, as well as all the restaurant you can visit that you cannot possibly get around them all during a single trip. Highlights include The Dubai Mall and Wild Wadi Water Park and don’t forget to head on over to Ski Dubai for a cooling and fun experience while you’re there.

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Pyramids of Giza

Lastly, if you find yourself traveling in the Middle East region, it is worth making an effort to stop in Egypt and visit the legendary Pyramids of Giza.

These are the centuries-old tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs and as such are steeped in history and culture. Although, if you are expecting to find them in some lonely corner of the desert you will get a bit of a shock, as they are just on the edge of the town of Giza itself. Something that makes them a pretty easy and convenient location to get to during your visit.


See you next time!

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