Epic Animal Experiences to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

When you live in a built- up area like a town or city, you don’t get too many opportunities in your day to day life to see spectacular wildlife. Other than pests and vermin if you’re unlucky, and they don’t count! If you’re an animal lover and also love to travel, why not combine the two and dedicate a trip to seeing some of the world’s most spectacular creatures. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, here are some ideas for places to visit!

Go Whale Watching

There are places all across the globe that provide you with the opportunity to see whales, from Alaska to Iceland, the Maldives, South Africa- even Scotland. One place that’s particularly good is Nova Scotia in Canada, there are multiple species you can see from this destination. Humpbacks, fin whales, right whales and long-finned pilot whales are all different examples of the types of species. The key to maximising your chances of seeing whales on your trip is to book at the right time of year. Different species have different migration patterns, so do your research.

Photo sourced from Pexels

Observe Unusual Wildlife

If you want to see wildlife that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, the Outback in Australia is a good place to visit. This remote location has harsh terrain and weather, and the animals that exist there are well adapted and aren’t seen anywhere else. The Galapagos is another example. You can see everything from giant tortoises to unique species of iguanas, birds, aquatic mammals like penguins and deals and and much more. There are plenty of tours run in both of these parts of the world so you increase your chances of seeing these incredible creatures.

Spend Time Bird Watching

If you’re a keen bird watcher, then seeing what kinds of birds live in different places in the world will be right up your street. England has lots of interesting bird species, countryside areas like the Lake District make for a relaxing break where you can see the sights and take your binoculars out looking for birds. For something even more impressive, why not book the Marriott on the Falls and go bird watching at Niagara Falls?

The Niagara region is home to a large variety of wildlife, including over three hundred species of birds.

View Some Big Cats

A far cry from our domesticated kitties, big cats are truly breathtaking and powerful animals that you can see up close in some parts of the world. A river cruise in Nepal for example would allow you to get up close to the spectacular Bengal tiger. Africa is another place to see big cats, from lions to leopards, cheetahs and some smaller species- you certainly won’t be disappointed. Africa in general has some of the world’s most powerful and interesting animals, you could go on a safari and see rhinos, buffalo, snakes, giraffes, the list is endless. There’s also the chance to hire a 4×4 and go out yourself to see some animals if you’re a little more experienced and confident.

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