Advice For Becoming A More Rounded, Complete Person

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How you judge a person and how you weigh their value is usually such a complex task that we tend to avoid it entirely. After all, who are we to judge anyone, to suggest they’re living life incorrectly (within reason), or to demand they change? When we point the finger at someone, we’re also pointing four back at ourselves.

Most well-mannered people will consider it much easier to not only judge themselves but solely to judge themselves today against the person they were yesterday. This way, you can avoid comparing yourself to others, avoid judging people and thus judging yourself, and give yourself the appropriate freedom to breathe and feel happy that you’re not perfect.

For this reason, you will take steps to improve yourself that actually matter, such as those little habits that help you become more rounded and complete. But what are those habits, and how do they work in the long run? Let’s consider that, and more, below:

Nurture Your Hobbies

We all have those little quirks, creative outlets or recreational activities that give us a sense of escapism and joy. Maybe for you it’s painting, playing an instrument, working on cars, reading sci-fi novels that you source down through literature forums online, or tending to your garden. Whatever those hobbies and passions are, it’s so important we nurture them intentionally rather than letting obligations make us lose our touch. Keeping a small habit can help us keep a sense of identity and autonomy, even if you just like playing guitar or singing.

Adulthood and its responsibilities come for us all, and not everyone can be a massive internationally renowned artist. But having a wonderful little hobby that sustains you can help you make it through the rigors of life, and always gives you a passion to return to. Nurturing them, then, is more than just escapism, it rounds us off as people.

Learn Practical Skills

Most people prioritize learning and skill development purely for career/money purposes, and there’s nothing wrong with that when life is so busy. That said, there’s so much overlooked value in taking time to pick up practical, universally handy life skills beyond just your professional talents.

That could involvee basic household repairs, personal finance management, cooking decent meals, self-defense through a fun martial arts craft, car maintenance, sewing/crafting, and especially CPR & first aid online that may help you save a life  – everyday skills that keep you self-reliant and self-sufficient are a great way to complete your sense of capability and confidence.

Sure, you could always pay someone else for those services. But building up that well-rounded sense of autonomy equips you to handle common situations yourself with ease and pride, and this is a great way of overcoming that “I don’t feel like an adult” insecurity as you mature.

Try & Explore Beyond Your Comfort Zone

We all crave at least some kind of comfort, routine and familiarity by our very nature. It’s only natural to rigidly stick to what we know and avoid anything unfamiliar that triggers anxieties. Yet some of life’s greatest personal growth happens when we gather courage to venture out from those comfort zones – if only inch by inch over time.

That could mean something as simple as sampling global cuisines you’d normally skip over. Vacationing somewhere totally new forces you to explore a fresh environment and culture, and you’ll learn a fair amount. Taking a beginners class for a hobby you’ve always been curious about but too timid to try could connect you to people in your exact situation. Or even just striking up conversations with friendly strangers rather than keeping to yourself can help you feel connected to your community.

Some people believe that if you’re not growing in life, you’re decaying. The truth is likely a little more complex, but it’s a good principle to live by. Those marginal steps each day can surely go a long way to feel your best self.

Be Authentic To Yourself & Don’t Try To Be Perfect

Social media can present us with a million people whose lives seem to be perfect, but having someone show you their highlight real doesn’t necessarily mean your behind the scenes is lesser for it. Remember that none of those glossy projections truly matter if you feel like your authentic self, because why would you envy something that’s not real when you have your spirit intact?

Real fulfillment and self-acceptance almost always comes from being authentically, vulnerably yourself – and that includes flaws, quirks, unconventional traits and all. The best person you could ever look like is yourself, ensuring you care for your health and treat yourself well. That’s the only standard you ever have to meet. Knowing that is freeing. Sure, living authentically isn’t always easy in a society where marketing is king, but you can begin to centre your own experience and that of your loved ones if you learn that self-acceptance. It will help you feel more complete. That also means not being afraid to have boundaries.

Learn To Be Grateful & To Forgive

The best qualities a person can hold will usually depend on who you ask. Some might value the ability to be hardworking, others might suggest spending as much time with your family as possible is essential. Learning to be grateful and to forgive, however, is usually going to be met with a warm response from almost anyone you ask.

This is because both tasks, even though they can be hard, showcase humility. One is about being thankful for what you have, however imperfect, especially when things aren’t going in the perfect possible way. Forgiveness means releasing yourself from anger and bitterness, and moving forward. Both can help you feel your best self and connect with your deepest self, and learning to nurture both, as you might train a muscle, can help you live an emotionally healthier and more rounded life.

With this advice, we hope you can become the most rounded and complete version of you, however that is expressed.


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