All The Reasons Jakarta Will Steal Your Heart!

If you are someone that loves to travel and see exotic new places and experience different cultures you probably already have few destinations in Southeast Asia on your hit list. However, before you book a vacation to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, or Saigon check out my post below on the wonders of Jakarta in Indonesia, a place that just might steal your heart.

It’s full of fun

The first reason that Jakarta is likely to make a positive impression is that it is a place that is geared towards fun. In fact, there are plenty of exciting and fun things to do in the area include Ancol Dreamland located in the north of the city.

Ancol Dreamland, located in North Jakarta along the city’s waterfront, first opened to the public in 1966. It has evolved significantly over the years, with new recreational spots and hotels being added gradually to make the resort destination more appealing. Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World), often referred to as Dufan, is a theme park at Ancol boasting more than 40 rides and attractions. But, is it still worth a visit? Read our latest review about Dunia Fantasi at _____ #jakarta #nowjakarta #lifeinthecapital #duniafantasi #dufan #dufanancol #ancol #fantasyworld #ancoldreamland #dreamland #weekends #weekend #weekendjakarta #jakartaweekend #family #familytime #fun #funtime #holidays #holiday #park #playpark

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There you will find plenty of funfair ride and attractions, as well as some more up to the minute roller coaster and rides such as the Ice Age ride and the Thunder coaster which you can find out more about on their website at

You will also find that there are many different sections to the park including a water park area with flume and slide, as well as a mini sea world in which trained dolphins perform regular shows. There is even accommodation that you can stay in at the park, including a hotel and some onsite cottages for families too, making it a great place to visit during your stay.

Of course, as Jakarta’s climate is hot, the water park at Dreamland isn’t the only one in the city. In fact, it seems like one of the cities residents favorite pastimes is to head to the water to cool off when the temperature rises. With this in mind, if you’re feeling the heat why not visit SnowBay Waterpark? There they have some radical tubing areas as well as wave machine and plenty of places to get a drink and snack, making it a great place to have some fun while staying cool in the city.

It’s cultural and quirky

Another reason that the city of Jakarta will steal your heart is the wonderful wealth of culture and that a little bit of quirkiness that is evident there. A great example of this is the Wayang Museum, which you can check out in the video below.

There you can see all sort of puppets, traditionally used for storytelling in Indonesia. You can also find out how they are made and about some of the most famous stories that are told in this culture. Something that makes it a quirky and interesting experience. Search for direction and opening times at

On a more serious cultural note, but no less fascinating is a trip to the Jakarta History Museum in the west of the city. This is an institution dedicated to the timeline of the region and includes items from prehistory, Dutch colonization and Indonesia independence as well. Visiting such a place is an excellent choice because not only is it informative but it also helps you to understand the culture that you are experiencing during your trip in a more detailed context.

It has a wealth of delicious food

Those visiting Jakarta often comment that the thing that closed the deal and stole their heart of the delicious and vibrant food they got to sample during their stay.

In keeping with this visitors will find many excellent quality restaurants at the top end of the spectrum such as AMUZ where contemporary French cuisine if served. Then there is the Maystar where the ambiance is a little more opulent, and the food is in the traditional Asian style. You can get their menu at to see what’s on offer.

The food at the other end of the spectrum isn’t too shoddy either, with street food stalls selling cheap and delicious delicacies such as Soto mie, and the simply divine Pisang Goreng. The latter being a deep fried plantain dish that is often covered in batter. Trust me, one try, and you are hooked, and according to this article at you can find the best version at Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik.

It has a range of accommodation options

An additional reason that Jakarta is such a popular pick with tourists so that there are so many accommodation options to pick from. There really is something for all types of holidaymakers here from beach hotels, and island escapes like the chalets on Ayer Island that are set out to sea, to elegant and classy establishments in the centre of town, such as the Grand Hyatt Jakarta and the Pullman Jakarta Central Park.

Of course, there are also some fabulous options that are easier on the wallet as well. Such as the reasonable priced Aston Pluit Hotel & Residence and the Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Pluit Citygate hotels. It is even possible to a single room in the city privately, for less than $20 a night!

Jakarta is even a great choice for those folks that are looking to find a location and buy a holiday home so they can take regular breaks in a place they love. Check out sites like to see the kind of properties that are on offer and what you can expect to pay for them. Although, it’s vital to factor the cost of flights into your calculations before you sign on the dotted line.

You will get the chance to see many amazing animals

In particular, some folks love Jakarta so much because of the animals they get to see that we don’t get access to in the US. In fact, animals such as sea turtles, rare tigers, and Komodo dragons are all native to Indonesia.

Komodo dragons for those that haven’t seen them before are huge lizards can grow up to a massive 10 ft long and have enzymes in their saliva that can be quite toxic to humans, see for more detail on this. To that end, it’s best not to approach them in the wild, but there are many locations in Jakarta that you can get up and close with them in captivity including Ragunan Zoo and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Then there also is Ocean Dream Samudra where you can check out the sea lion shows that happen regularly. Just make sure that you leave time to see Seaworld Indonesia too, where you may just get the chance to feed some of the sea life if you are lucky.

It’s a great place for beach life

Like other coastal cities, part of Jakarta’s charm is that it combines and modern urban hub full of amenities and on-trend things to do with beach life. That means if you are not in the mood to face the crowds in the malls and streets, heading down to Ancol beach for some swimming, sunbathing, and even a walk along the shore can do you a power of good.

Also, in this category is the wonderful Pramuka Island, which while not technically in the city of Jaraka remains an official territory of the region. There you will be able to scuba dive and see the famous sea turtles that are synonymous with the area.

Although, it is worth noting that the boat ride is a good 2.5 hours from Jakarta dock and the only accommodation on the island available is organized homestays with the locals. Something that can work in your favor if you are looking for a true taste of everyday Indonesian culture.

Its chock full of amazing architecture

Lastly, Jakarta also charms its visitors because of the unique mix of architecture that it presents. This mix is due to the previous Dutch colonization of Indonesia, and as its capital city, Jakarta has much building constructed in the traditional Dutch style.

These include such example as the Textile Museum in the west of the city and the National Archives Building, which used to be the residence of the colonial governor.

The textile museum in Jakarta

Of course, these are often found in close proximity to traditional Chinese and Asian style buildings with an equally rich cultural heritage, as well as modern glass and steel skyscrapers too. A combination that gives Jakarta an individual feel that it’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with.



  1. The Jakarta would be a great place to take my family I would love to go to the water parks their for my daughter because she loves the water and my wife does to. The museum looks interesting to visit. The food looks appetizing to when I searched for restaurants in that location. Thank you so much for the great information.

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      I definitely agree that Jakarta would be great for a family vacation! I also like to search restaurants-food is one of my favorite parts of vacationing! Thanks for reading!

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