Are These The Reasons Why Your Home Energy Bills Are So High?

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Do you dread the sound of the mailman walking down your driveway each day? You might if the only things clutched in his hands are those telltale brown envelopes that let you know a bill is on the way. This is especially true if your home energy bills are usually high, as you will obviously be concerned about the state of your finances.

Thankfully, you can reduce your home energy bills by finding out what is causing them to skyrocket. This is better than nailing your mailbox shut or fixing Keep Out signs on your fences, as the mailman will still get through somehow!
So, are these the reasons why your home energy bills are so high?

#1: Your heating system is inefficient

Older heating systems are often inefficient, prone to breakdown, and guilty of raising energy costs. If you’re living in an older property, or if you haven’t replaced your boiler in the last ten years, it might be that your heating system is to blame for your high energy bills. 

If this is the case, now is the time to call on the services of a heating and cooling company. With their professional help, you could have a brand new heating system in no time, and one that will be both energy-efficient and money-saving. 

#2: You are over-reliant on your heating system

If you are living in an older property, you could be affected by common issues, including cracks and gaps within your doors and windows that let in nasty drafts. When the air is chilly inside, you might then be inclined to turn your heating on, and you might turn the dial to the max to defeat the cold. On the other hand, you might turn heating on when it isn’t really needed, despite the quality of your home. 

If you are relating to this point, do one of two things. If there are drafts coming into your home, do what you can to weatherstrip your property. Sealed gaps equal less drafts. Secondly, don’t turn your heating on unnecessarily. Dress up warm if the air is a little nippy, even if it means wearing your winter fashion early. 

#3: You’re guilty of a few bad habits

Do you regularly leave lights on in rooms that aren’t in use? Do you leave your phone and laptop plugged in, long after they have charged? Do you use your washing machine and dishwasher when they are only half loaded up? Do you leave your appliances on standby instead of unplugging them at the mains? Well, do you?

If you are guilty of these or any other energy-wasting habits, you only have yourself to blame for your high energy bills. So, instead of cursing the mailman every time he walks down your drive, consider your own actions, and make the relevant changes. 

So, have we hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to your home energy bills? If so, follow our suggestions, as you will then be more inclined to be nicer to your mailman when he tiptoes down  your driveway!

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  1. Great read. Thank you for sharing all this helpful info!

  2. Thank you! Very good tips. Dirty air conditioning filters can also cause high energy bills. The thing is that they make appliances work harder, which is why energy consumption is growing. Therefore, clean the filters at least once every three months. This way you can lower bills and improve the air quality in your home.
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    1. Yes, regular filter cleaning is essential. If that sounds a bit troublesome to you, consider filters with a MERV rating in the 12 to 16 range – they need to be changed only once a year.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Pipes and conserving energy also go hand in hand. While they aren’t usually the first thing a homeowner thinks about when it comes to saving energy costs, pipes can be a big drain. Insulating pipes, using the right pipe material and keeping pipes in good repair reduce energy waste and utility bills. The key to saving energy is to use the right kind of piping material for each plumbing job in the home:

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