Preparing For A New Baby In Your Family

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No matter if you have just found out you are having your first child, or if you are having a new addition to your family, it is always a big change to your life having a new baby. And there are always things that can be done that can help you to prepare. After all, whether you are completely new to the parenthood scene, orRead Now

Trouble With Bedtime Routine? Here’s How To Get Your Children Down For Sleep

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Research has shown that having a consistent bedtime routine is beneficial in ensuring that your child gets adequate sleep, regardless of whether you are dealing with a 2-year-old toddler or a rebellious teenager.  Whatever activities you choose, make an effort to conduct them in the same order every day so that your child knows what to expect.  Image via Pexels CC0 License Sleep hygiene adviceRead Now

Top Tips For Feeling Confident As A Mom

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As a parent, you probably go to great lengths to help boost your child’s confidence. However, we often do not extend this grace and support to ourselves. In fact, it’s highly likely that you are your own biggest critic. While confidence is something that ebbs and flows throughout your life and can drop at even the smallest change of circumstance, it’s important that you doRead Now

3 Easy Ways To Get Kids Into Art

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Art is a very expressive activity that can often help young children communicate how they feel and think. It’s quite a great exercise for parents who want to know what’s on their kids minds, to give them an art set and let them have at it. However, some kids are not as creative as others and some are, but they struggle to get it allRead Now

Making Your Living Room Kid-Friendly

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If you have children it is pretty much going to be impossible to have a child-free space in the home. Children tend to take over each part of the house. So as a result, you need to make sure that each part of the house is safe for them to be in. Not only will having some things in place mean that they have aRead Now

How to Effectively Co-parent a Child With Your Ex

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*Hi Socialites! Every now and then I accept contributed posts that are not quite the typical subject matter for my blog, but that I think will have value or be of interest to my readers! Enjoy this post!* Image by Denise Husted from Pixabay You want your kids to be healthy and happy, and you want to do what is best for them. Raising kidsRead Now

Tips to Reduce Stress as a Parent

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Image credit – Pexels When you have a kid, there isn’t a moment in your life where you will be completely carefree again. The ability you had before babies to kick back by the side of the pool, cocktail in hand and completely switch off from the world? Well, those days are gone. Now, even if you are by the pool, theoretically relaxing, you’ll stillRead Now

What No One Tells You About Raising A Threenager


“I can do it myself.” “I want [insert random demand] right now!” “NO! Don’t wanna!”  WHAT in the WORLD has happened to my totally calm and angelic toddler???!!! I used to wake up to the sounds of her sweet little voice chirping, bird-like, in the mornings, and now I’m awakened by a bossy, demanding…little…person…who does not hesitate to let me know when she is unpleased. Read Now

How To Be Yourself As Well As An Awesome Mom

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Image Motherhood is one of the most intense experiences a woman can have. The love you feel for your child is unlike anything you have been through in your short time on this earth. Whatever they want, moms do their best to provide for their children even if it means sacrificing their dreams. However, investing everything in your kids is going to leave a voidRead Now