What Do You Actually Need For A Newborn

If you are counting down the days until you welcome a new addition to the family, you may feel like you’ve got an endless list of jobs to tackle. When you are expecting, it’s common for friends, family and colleagues to offer advice and to take ideas and suggestions from magazine articles, blogs and social media feeds. You might find that you’ve got a shopping list that seems enormous. In truth, you don’t need to buy hundreds of products or spend a fortune on newborn supplies. Here are some essentials to start with. 


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A car seat

One of the moments prospective parents look forward to is walking out of the hospital carrying their baby and putting them in the car ready to show them their new home for the first time. Investing in a car seat is essential. Look for products that are designed for babies, read reviews, and ask friends and family members who have children for recommendations. 

Nappies and wipes

When you become a parent, you’ll quickly realize that the first few weeks involve frequent changes. It’s an excellent idea to make sure you have a supply of childcare nappies and wipes at home. Bulk buying will save you money. Compare prices before you buy and research different brands and products to find the best option for your baby. 


It can be tempting to splash out on impossibly cute outfits for your newborn, but the most important job to cross off the list in terms of clothing is to make sure that you have plenty of vests and sleepsuits. Opt for lightweight, comfortable fabrics and try to buy multipacks where possible, as they tend to offer better value for money. Babies grow quickly, and they often need several changes of clothing, so it’s wise to wait to spend money on more expensive, smarter outfits. 


Whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have bottles ready and sterilizing equipment. Some women find that they can’t breastfeed or that they want to combine breast and bottle. You may also want to invest in a breast pump if you want to express milk. 


Newborns sleep a lot. It’s crucial to ensure that your baby has a safe, comfy spot to snooze peacefully. Many parents choose to use a cot or crib for their newborn, but you might also want to consider sleep pods you can attach to the bed and portable mattresses you can take to the living room and bedroom during the day for naps. 

Strollers, prams and baby carriers

Many parents are eager to get out and about with their baby and show them off to friends and family. Strollers and prams enable you to get from A to B with your baby safely, while baby carriers are a convenient way to take your baby on walks and do chores around the house. Compare products, visit stores to have a look at different options and ask other parents for advice. 


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If you’re having your first baby, you may feel that you’ve been advised to buy hundreds of products in preparation for their arrival. In truth, there are lots of items that you might not need or that you can buy later. Use this helpful shopping list to make sure you have the essentials. 


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