Cool Features of Smart Home Automation

Is there nothing that can’t be automated nowadays? Well, you can add your home to the list. While many people have invested in things like smart bulbs or home assistants – not everyone has realized the full potential and possible features of a smart home. 

Smart home systems can be added to over time or installed in one go by companies like And, the best thing? They can be completely adjusted to how you and your home run. And changed in the future to grow with you. Smart home systems are usually intelligent and collect some information about how you interact with the system, and they can even save you money on things like energy. 

But what are some of the coolest features of smart home automation?

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House Temperature

Getting right into the one area where smart home systems can make an impact on your general comfort and reduce your average spend on energy. Depending on the system you have installed, you can have control over each room, meaning the most used rooms can be warm while the others can be left cooler. 

And, as you or your family move around the house, the temperature can be adjusted. Smart climate options can learn when to adjust things automatically based on your average day of movement too.

So you don’t even have to think about it – add in the app usage, and you have the easiest heating and cooling system management.


If you and your family love movie nights, then you can set up a simple automation that dims the lights, turns on the TV, adjusts the sound on your smart speakers, and if you have a TV with ambilights, it can even select the right mode. 

Choosing technology that works together is a must, so if you are buying separately, make sure they are compatible or get a company in to make sure everything is set up for you.

All you really need is a Bluetooth-activated popcorn machine, and you’re all set!


Smart home technology can also be one of the best defenses against break-ins. Cameras that auto-detect and send a message or live stream to mobile phones, automatic locks and alarms, and even a mockupancy. 

When you leave but have your regular security running, criminals can be quick to work out it is on an automatic schedule. To deter them further, mockupancy options are great. They are a randomized schedule that turns different lights on at different times of the day.

If you have smart blinds and other items, you can even have the blinds up or down randomly and music in different rooms.


Automated lighting is where many people start learning about smart homes and how to use them. Buying bulbs that work with an app and have different colors. 

However, when you pair your smart bulbs with a compatible home system, what you get is the ability to have the lights on just before you wake up, turn them off automatically, adjust their brightness based on your schedule, and more.


Smart home technology is one of the best ways to make your home more sustainable; here are some other ways to do that: 5 Reliable Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable


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  1. Yes, the fact that such smart home devices as smart thermostats help to control the temperature of the house is not the only advantage.
    It is also important that it contributes to reducing heating and cooling bills at home by about 10% – by the way, in this article, we share more tips on it:

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