5 Reliable Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

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The cost of energy is going through the roof these days – quite literally when you consider how much heat is lost through the ceilings and loft. But with a little effort and the right appliances and investment in your home, you can enjoy lower energy bills and increase the value of your home.

Renewable Energy 

Renewable energy is a form of power that doesn’t deplete. Unlike conventional forms of energy like coal, gas, and oil, renewable energy is abundant and produces fewer carbon emissions to generate and transport. Although wind, solar, and wave power are significantly cleaner than fossil fuels, it still produces some carbon emissions. Overall, however, it is more sustainable.   

If you want to make your home sustainable, you need to switch to renewable energy. This is pretty easy to do nowadays. The majority of energy suppliers offer a renewable energy option for you to choose from, but remember, this renewable power also produces carbon emissions. It might be better to install solar panels that provide energy directly and allow you to earn a profit.  

High-Performance Windows 

Did you know that around 50% of the heat generated in the home is lost through the windows? That figure can be far lower if you have the right windows installed. The right windows are ones that are configured to your home and your location. If you live in a warm part of the country, for instance, you might need some reflective glass to stay cool; colder regions need double glazing. 

Energy-efficient windows don’t have to be boring; instead, they can be decorative and functional – look out for energy saving double hung windows. Hung windows are designed to open at the top and the bottom, offering you more versatility and functionality. These windows work great in any room, and they are very energy efficient. Modern hung windows also have double glazing. 

Energy Efficient Appliances 

When it comes to energy efficiency in the home, there are two things to think about, the cost of buying energy-efficient appliances and the cost of running them. There is little point in investing in a cheaper home appliance if it’s going to cost you extra every year to operate. Energy efficient appliances – such as energy star appliances – are widely available and worth buying. 

Chances are your home appliances are not as efficient as they could be; most people have legacy appliances that still operate and are not worth replacing yet. Still, it’s worth thinking about replacing your appliances systematically. Why not focus on a single room every year and invest in sustainability changes? This approach increases a home’s value and makes selling it easier.

Home Insulation 

Most of your home’s energy is lost through the windows, walls, doors, and ceiling. Since generating energy is expensive – especially in today’s economy – and increases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it makes sense to pay close attention to the insulation in your home. Installing effective insulation reduces your energy bills and makes your home more sustainable. 

There are different types of home insulation available; one of the best insulation types for the walls is cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation is a type of foam that is injected into the walls; it fills in all of the cracks and gaps that cause heat loss. But it’s best to use firm boards for the loft; these can be made from synthetic or natural fibres. They can also be decorated.

Smart Thermostat

Most homes have a thermostat, even if it is operated manually or located on the radiators. A thermostat is a device used to moderate the temperature of a room or the home overall. Older thermostats need require manual temperature adjustment, but that’s not the case with smart thermostats. Smart units have a range of options that offers flexibility and versatility in the home.  

Installing a smart thermostat in your home is an excellent idea. A smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature of individual rooms so that you get the best efficiency for your home. A quality smart thermostat can even detect the temperature of the rooms and adjust accordingly. Modern thermostats also link to smartphones allowing you to monitor energy use on the move.


Make this year the one when you start investing seriously in your home’s energy efficiency. Energy is not getting cheaper, and the world is shifting ever more swiftly to renewable and alternative energy sources. These 5 routes to energy efficiency are a great place to begin your journey towards lower energy bills at the end of the year and a home that’s ready for the future.   



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  3. I completely agree with the point made in this article about the importance of energy-efficient appliances. But I also need to add that even if you have high-efficient appliances like Energy Star air conditioners, you need to remember about regular air conditioner maintenance. Otherwise, it won’t bring good results.

    1. That’s a good point!
      It’s vital to routinely change the AC filters, drain the lines, clean the coils, and perform other related tasks. Regular maintenance on your AC unit is important for not only preventing increased energy consumption but potential AC repairs down the road.

  4. Thanks for sharing! By the way, if your HVAC system requires an update, remember to check out new SEER requirements: https://happyhiller.com/hvac/seer-ratings/. Any equipment that doesn’t meet new standards cannot be installed or maintained.

  5. When it comes to reducing energy consumption, remember that such a simple thing as clean HVAC can also make a big difference. Dirty HVAC filters cause your system to work harder than it should due to decreased airflow. The harder your system works, the more energy it consumes. Replacing air filters is an easy task. However, if you have never done this for the first time, you can hire an HVAC specialist to show you how to do it correctly.

  6. I see you’re suggesting installing solar panels – that’s great! While installing solar panels may seem expensive, homeowners can qualify for a tax credit that will greatly reduce the payback period of the panels. For systems installed in 2023, homeowners can claim 22% of qualifying installation costs as a tax credit.

  7. Even if you use high-efficiency appliances, as an Energy Star HVAC system, you still need to maintain them, since poorly maintained systems consume 5-15% more energy.
    For best results, remember to carry out furnace and air conditioner maintenance at least once a year.

  8. Another thing you can do to reduce home’s energy consumption is to make your swimming pool more efficient. For this, consider switching to a variable speed pool pump. Unlike single speed pool pumps, variable ones consume less energy, saving you money. The US Department of Energy has determined variable speed pool pumps to be up to 75% more efficient than a single speed pump.

  9. To save more energy, consider installing steel windows. Steel is a good material option for windows because it’s durable and highly energy-efficient. Some steel doors even have non-conductive frame material in addition to double glazing, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

  10. Did you know that sustainable practices can be applied to your home plumbing too? Green plumbing is utilizing techniques to reduce water waste. A good rule of thumb for green plumbing is to pick toilets, washers, dishwashers, and other appliances that are rated for high efficiency.
    You can read more about this in the article: https://acehomeco.com/green-plumbing-what-is-it/.

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