Essential Travel Gear You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

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We all know the importance of packing our passport, sunnies, and clothes when heading to a far flung exotic shore for our holiday, but could you be packing some more kooky essential gear that can make your vacation all the more fulfilling. Packing your holdall, backpack or wheel along suitcase in itself is an art form. By rolling instead of folding you can diminish the creases in your attire, and conserve space for gadgets, gizmos, and gear. Take a look at this travel gear that you shouldn’t be leaving home without.

Musical Madness

If you adore all genres of music, you can’t go a car ride without putting on the radio, and you are partial to a jam with your guitar, drum kit or piano, then it’ll be difficult to surrender your musical outlet for a fortnight. Don’t worry, you don’t have to. This travel guitar guide details the quirky miniature guitars that you can sneak away in your backpack ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. You don’t need to take a full size instrument away with you. This can be cumbersome and ridiculously travel unfriendly. A specific travel guitar functions like a full size equivalent, is light, portable, and will allow you to jam whenever you feel the need.

Selfie Stick

What started off as a fad four or five years ago has quickly become a phenomenon. Selfie sticks can enable you to take the perfect pictures with nothing more than yourself and your smartphone. With your selfie stick, you can achieve the idyllic sunset backdrop for your beachfront evening portrait with your loved one. Being telescopic, they are easily portable, light and inconspicuous. Given the fact they are also obscenely cheap, it doesn’t make sense not to board the plane without one.

Wet Wipes

While you might have a pack of tissues to hand, consider going one better with a pack of wet wipes. You never know when you might encounter a spillage of some sort or need to wash your hands without any running water in sight. Wet wipes will help you remove your makeup, clean your hands, tidy up a mess and generally feel more hygienic and cleaner when in a foreign country. Some nations like China don’t tend to have toilet roll in their public conveniences as standard, so it’s vital that you have tissue or wet wipes on you for the most basic of eventualities.


Branded, designer or high street, it doesn’t matter. A hoodie is useful for those evenings that are a little chillier, those days where you see enough rain to need a covering for your head but not an umbrella and those moments when you want to feel cozy and comfortable. You can wear it on the plane, so it doesn’t take up too much room in your holdall, and you will always have an extra layer to hand.

You won’t forget your passport, tickets, and visas, but you might overlook other essentials for your backpack. Use this guide to aid your packing checklist the next time you head overseas.


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  1. Packing your gears without missing even a single one takes discipline. I do not travel much but whenever I go camping or somewhere close, I always carry my guitar (at least!)
    Although, I think I need to buy one selfie-stick for myself, so I can bang the Instagram just like you.

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