More Ways The Web Can Boost Your Career

The idea that the Internet is a major part of your professional career is not new. In fact, you only have to go back 20 years in employment history to find resumes claiming computing skills as varied as Word processing and Internet research. Indeed, using a search engine such as Google was then noted down as a valuable skill. The fact that is nowadays taken for granted only shows how much our relationship with the digital world has changed over the past few decades. Nevertheless, if some digital skills are not worth mentioning, they can still have a significant influence on your career. Indeed, here’s how you can use the online world to boost your chances.

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It’s not too late to go back to school

There is no age to take back your studies or to pick a new subject you’d like to explore to move your career forward. Don’t be fooled into thinking that studies are one of those age things you can’t do once you start working. Thanks to the Internet, you can even get an online accredited MBA From the comfort of your home. Millions of adults are able to acquire new skills while maintaining a full-time job and a family life through online studies. As a rule of the thumb, MBAs are useful to move through managerial positions within an office; you can also consider a Bachelor of Business or Master of Commerce to move to revenue-generating roles.

Turn spare time on your smartphone into a smart journey

You can study on the go to improve your knowledge and make your resume more relevant to specific roles. For instance, you’ll find plenty of language courses on smartphones, from the Duolingo app to Rosetta Stone. If you have a long commute to work, you can use the time on the bus or train to practice your German knowledge, for instance. Among the languages skills you might want to brush up: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and German are the most important in the current business world.

Put your profile out there

Sometimes, you have all the skills required, but you still can’t get the job. The reason, as surprising as it might sound, is your lack of visibility. Make sure your knowledge and personality are perceived online, starting with your LinkedIn profile – an essential tool to boost your career. Keep your basics updated, aka your professional headline and location. This will tell everyone who you are, what you’ve achieved and where they can find you.

Shout out about what you do best

Last, but not least, you can use an online platform to share your expertise. Joining industry forums and communities is a good idea to network and show off your skills. But you’ll find that a blog can reach out to a broader audience. As a professional, you can blog about the latest trends in your niche sector, or about a project you’re working on – without revealing confidential information, of course. The more you talk about what you do, the more you’ll find that people take you seriously.

It would be foolish to pretend that everything career-wise happens online. However, it would be a costly mistake to ignore the benefits of the digital sphere for your professional path. From learning options to profile showcasing, you’ve got the tools you need to get noticed and promoted!


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