Gardening Isn’t Just for the Elderly

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When we think of gardening, we tend to think of more elderly members of society. There’s a stereotypical trope out there of older men and women pottering around the garden, growing plants in the spare time that they’ve had on their hands since retiring. But it’s important to remember that gardening really isn’t just for the elderly. People of all ages and people will all sorts of different interests can gain a whole lot from gardening. So, if you have an outdoor space to maintain, you may want to consider rolling up your sleeves and getting involved yourself! Here’s a little more information that could inspire you to give it a try!

Why Try Gardening?

So, let’s start out with the obvious question – why try gardening? Well, when it comes down to it, gardening is a pretty enjoyable pastime. If you’ve found yourself bored at home and you have an outdoor space, gardening can provide you with hours of things to do to keep yourself occupied. This is particularly pertinent during the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic, where most of us are being advised to spend as much time as possible in our own properties and away from others. At the end of the day, there are only so many netflix series you can binge and there are only so many zoom quizzes you can do before you get a little bored of these standard activities. Gardening can give you something rewarding to work on instead! Gardening is also surprisingly good for your health.With many gyms closed, you may be looking for alternative ways to get exercise. Gardening requires plenty of physical activity that can help to keep you in shape too!

Getting Started

Of course, you’re going to have to get started somewhere and it can feel difficult to know where to begin. Here are some suggestions!

The Basics

Let’s start with some gardening basics. You’ll need to get a grip of these to keep your garden presentable and to make it a great blank canvas to work with. Start out by mowing the lawn, trimming the edges near your fences, pulling weeds and other basic tasks. There are plenty of video tutorials online that will help you to get to grips with these!

Making Things Wildlife Friendly

If your garden is looking nice, chances are you’d probably like to see some wildlife passing through to add to the beauty. You can achieve this by putting out bird feeders, making hedgehog highways and planting flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Of course, if you’re leaving food out, try to keep it as far away from your home as possible. This will help to prevent pest issues and the need to call an exterminator in your home.

Grow Your Own Vegetables and Herbs

Try creating your own vegetable patch or herb garden. This can be greatly rewarding and you can benefit from creating your own produce!

Sure, you might not have considered gardening before, but it’s actually a pretty rewarding activity that will keep you occupied and smiling throughout this pandemic!


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