The Project Runway Collection at JCPenney

Ok y’all…quick show of hands. How many of y’all watch Project Runway every season in complete amazement of how they can create designer gowns out of bottle caps and fishing twine? Meeee!!!!??‍♀️

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Alright, next question. Raise your hand if the last time you shopped at JCPenney, you wore a child’s 6x and they had the giant catalogs? Meeee!!! ??‍♀️

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Well I’m here to tell ya…JCPenney ain’t ya mama’s store no more! They have a ton of cute and trendy clothing that is priced soooo right. I’m talking $20 and under for most items. I’ve found a ton of outfits there lately, so imagine my surprise one day while I was online shopping and found out about the JCPenney/Project Runway Collaboration!!!

JCPenney Project Runway

*I know, I’m a little late (ok a lot late) but if I hadn’t heard about it yet, it’s a good chance some of my readers haven’t either, so I’d be totally remiss to not share!*

About the Collection

JCPenney teamed up with Project Runway in 2017, hoping to capture the attention of the H&M and Zara demographic. With this collaboration came contemporary, chic designs with the budget friendly price tag still intact. Women can shop this collection with a budget of $100, and leave with bags full of modern, sleek, from work-to-happy hour looks.

I’m sharing a few of my purchases from the collection below. I really like the idea of capsule wardrobes, where I can easily mix and match, so you’ll notice I stuck with a black and white theme. Don’t be alarmed: the collection is also packed full of color!

My Fave Looks

1.JCPenney Project Runway

JCPenney Project Runway


Knot Front Top: Project Runway at JCPenney / Black Dress Pant: Worthington / Round Black Bag: Francesca’s /

Bracelet: David Yurman /Necklace: mine is sold out, but I’ve linked a similar necklace here


-Top runs TTS, and has a crisp, fitted blouse feel. I’m wearing an XL

-Black Trousers run TTS, but are generously cut in thigh and knee. I’m wearing 16W


JCPenney Project Runway


Strap Blouse With High Low Hem: Project Runway at JC Penney / Black High-Waist Leggings: NY&Co/Bracelet: David Yurman / Black Pumps: East 5th


-Top runs TTS, and has a loose “trapeze cut”. I’m wearing an XL

-Black Leggings run slightly small. I’m wearing size 18.

-Black pumps are TTS (and super comfy!!!) I’m wearing a size 9.


JCPenney Project Runway


V-Neck Graphic Tape Tee: Project Runway at JCPenney / High-Waist Leggings: NY&Co/Bracelet: David Yurman / Black Slides: Worthington


-Top runs Large, and can be adjusted on the sides to lengthen or shorten. Top has a loose athletic cut. I’m wearing an XL.

-Black Leggings run slightly small. I’m wearing size 18.

-Black slides are TTS. I’m wearing a size 9.


One of the key things that I love about this collection is that many of the pieces truly do seem designer, cutting edge, and well made. Kudos to JCPenney for bringing fashion to the masses in an affordable manner!

My favorite out of the tops I purchased is definitely the Strap Blouse with High Low Hem (2nd look). This top is perfect for the office, but snazzy enough to hit the town, thanks to the cut out detailing in the back. The knot front top is also great for work, and is a good change of pace from the classic button down white blouse. My least favorite is the V-Neck tee. I fell in love with this top when I saw it online, but was a little disappointed in the cut of the v-neckline (it has a very “rough” edge as though I cut it myself) and the fabric feels a little cheap. This shirt would actually be perfect for the gym. I do really like the trendsetter tape detailing on the back though!

All in all, I really like the collection, and I’m planning on ordering more pieces. I’ll link some of my other faves in the widget below so you can shop as well!


See you next time!

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