Here’s Why You Should Get The Electrics In Your Home Tested Straight Away

When was the last time you had the electrics in your home checked? If you can’t remember, or you’ve never had them checked, you’re not alone. Most people don’t give it a second thought unless they move into an old home and they have concerns. However, any problems with the electrics could be incredibly dangerous, so it’s vital that you have them checked over on a regular basis by the electricity providers

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Why Do You Need To Have Your Electrics Checked?

When an electrician comes to do an inspection, there are a few key things they are looking for. 

Fire Hazards 

Faulty wiring in your home can cause sparks and lead to a fire. The aftermath of a fire can be devastating to your home, even if nobody is hurt. You will have to call in a fire cleanup service to get your home back to a liveable state, but you can’t recover all of the things that you lost. It doesn’t matter as much if you lose things like the TV and the furniture because your insurance company will replace them. But what if you lose old family photos or souvenirs from family holidays? When you have your electrics checked, they will eliminate any fire hazards so you can keep your home and your family safe. 

Overloaded Circuits

These days, we use more electrical appliances than ever. We have vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners, TVs, computers, and phones, which are all plugged in at once. If the wiring in your home is quite old, this can overload the circuit, causing the electrics to cut out. In some cases, this could also damage important appliances beyond repair, so you will have to replace them. During an inspection, an electrician can make sure that your electrical circuits are capable of handling all of the appliances you use. 

Lack Of Earthing

Lack of earthing is a serious problem that could put your family in danger because it increases the chances of electric shocks. During your inspection, the electrician will check all of the electrics to ensure that everything is properly grounded and it is safe to plug appliances in without risk of electric shock. 

How Often Should You Get Your Electrics Checked?

If you have not had your electrics checked since you moved into the house, call an electrician and book an appointment straight away. There’s no telling when the last inspection was and there could be some serious problems you are not aware of. 

Otherwise, you should have the electrics checked once every ten years or so to ensure that the home is safe. However, there are some exceptions to this. If you have a swimming pool, for example, the electrics need to be checked once a year. Rented properties should be checked every five years too.

It’s easy to forget about checking your electrics and it’s one of those home maintenance jobs that people tend to neglect. This is a big problem because faulty electrics can be very dangerous, so make sure that you book an appointment right away to keep your home safe.


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