4 Apps To Help You Live A Green Lifestyle

We all understand the importance of living a green lifestyle, whether it’s the products we buy or our hobbies. If you’re looking for a few new ways to go green, take a look at these four cool apps.

green lifestyle


Think Dirty

With the help of the Think Dirty app you can learn about how clean and green your cosmetics products are. First you scan in the bar code, and the app will give you the low down on the ingredients and the brand. You can find out if products contain ingredients that harm the earth (and your skin). You can also find out how ethical and green the companies are. If you find out that your fav products aren’t so earth-kind, Think Dirty will suggest cleaner alternatives. The ‘Dirty Meter’ gives you info on health impacts, certifications and more. You can also use the app to create a green shopping list! There are plenty of natural skincare products which can help you to clean up your routine.


Olio is an app that helps neighbours to share household and food items, for free. With the help of Olio you can pick up free foods that would have otherwise gone to waste. All items are shared using ‘non- contact’ pickups, (to comply with Covid-19 regulations). The app also provides plenty of advice content to help you live a greener lifestyle. There’s also an option to sell homemade food items at cheap prices. If you want to fight waste and give back to your local community, this is the app you need.


Growing your own vegetables is a great way to live a more sustainable and green lifestyle. Using the Gardenate app you can learn about growing many different herbs and veggies in your garden. The app provides you with a planting calendar, using this feature you can organize the best veggies to grow, and when. The calendar all depends on your climate and which vegetables are in season. The app offers growing tips, pest control tips, and much more. If you’re looking to go green and learn some new skills, you need Gardenate.


Shopping for vintage and second-hand clothes is a great way to live a greener lifestyle. The ThredUp app allows you to shop for many different brands including Zara, Ann Taylor, Gucci and more. If you’ve got unwanted clothing, you can get rid of them using the app. It’s easy to do, just order a ‘clean out kit’. When you receive the bag in the post you can fill up the bag and send it back. ThredUp will sell the items for you and then pay the money directly into your account.

Keep going green

Once you’ve tried these apps don’t stop going green! There are so many ways that you can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. To improve energy efficiency in your home you can seal any gaps in your windows and doors, and install a smart thermostat. Ensure that you recycle all of your household waste, from your plastics to your food waste. With small changes like these you’ll soon improve your lifestyle.

Going even bigger

If you’re ready to take bigger steps towards going green and, as a result, make even more significant contributions in reducing the carbon footprint, you can start looking into solar panels for alternate energy sources.

Many households and businesses are transitioning to solar energy and a solar battery that stores excess power and uses it during peak energy use hours. By investing in the right source of energy and battery storage, you can even start selling unused energy and earn back extra money! 

The road to going green is a personal one, and it can be a never-ending but sweet adventure. So go slow and steady, and your actions will have their effect soon enough to make our planet a better place for generations to come! 


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