How To Keep Your Customers Safe When Shopping Online

When you’ve got customers heading over to your site to make a purchase, there’s a degree of responsibility that comes with the safety and security of their online navigation. You should be doing everything as a business to keep your customers safe when shopping online.

Whether you’re a new business with limited funds or you’ve been running for many years now, it’s important to always improve your customer’s safety. The internet is forever developing and changing, which means companies also need to keep up with those changes.

Here are some top tips to keep your customers safe when shopping online.

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Set up 3D secure payment processing software

When it comes to the payment processing of your site, it’s worth setting up 3D secure payments. Why? Well, it’s a more secure option for customers that many will likely appreciate and look for when it comes to shopping online.

With a 3D secure payment processing software in place, you’re providing an extra layer for transactions that occur on your website. While you may be a legitimate business, that doesn’t stop other online scammers from trying to infiltrate your payment systems or catch customers out as they’re exchanging their personal and confidential information.

Encrypt your customer data and store it correctly

To ensure your customer data is stored correctly, it’s essential that you’re encrypting it and storing it in the right manner. It’s often the case that you don’t think your business would fall victim to online hackers but that mindset is likely going to result in becoming their next victim.

Think about how you store data now and how you could improve your encryption methods as a business going forward. There are likely going to be gaps or vulnerabilities in your data storage that need tightening.

Encourage best practices for your customers when shopping

Chances are you’ve got customers of all different proficiencies when it comes to shopping online. Not everyone is familiar with the internet and there are going to be some who are more vulnerable when shopping online.

With that being said, you might want to put some resources in place that teach your customers best practices when shopping online. Providing them with assistance and guidance on how to shop safely will be greatly appreciated. 

Install an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is an identifier for those shopping online to look for when it comes to questioning the site’s validity. By installing an SSL certificate, it’s going to garner more trust from those who are coming across your site for the first time. By having that SSL certificate, more people are likely going to willingly exchange their information in order to buy from your site.

Keep up to date with the latest cyber-attack methods

Finally, be sure to keep up to date with the latest in cyber-attack methods. These are constantly changing and developing, meaning your business needs to keep up with the efforts being made by cybercriminals to catch customers out.


Keeping your customers safe online when shopping is key so use these tips to protect them.


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