How to Make a Tired Home Look More Presentable

If your home has been left to become neglected, either through the years you’ve been living in it or before you bought it, it’s probably time to make it look and feel more presentable. The way the home looks on the outside will definitely impact how people see the home and the place it has in the wider community.

A home that’s clearly being looked after and a  home that the owner has pride in will be a net benefit to the community and won’t detract from the surroundings at all. But which changes should you make? That’s what we’re going to discuss today, so read on.

Deep Clean It

If you want to make your home look the part inside and out, the best place to start is by cleaning it. If you’re serious about this or you know that the home hasn’t been properly cleaned in a while, you might want to hire a team of deep cleaning professionals who can do that work for you. They’ll know what it takes to make the home as clean as you want and need it to be. That then creates a good foundation from which you can make further changes.

Go Back to Basics with the Color Scheme

Sometimes, it makes the most sense to go back to basics when you’re looking to make your home more presentable and visually appealing. If the home has a messy and incoherent approach to interior design in place, it’s not going to look great. So a new color scheme might be necessary as you start the process of giving the home a makeover. Go back to basics by choosing a relatively neutral color palette for the home.

Highlight the Front Door

The front door should stand out for the right reasons when people look at your home from the outside. You want this to be the thing that draws attention right away. Lots of people do this by painting the door a bright color and providing a real focal point for the entire exterior facing the street. You could invest in a new door that offers both the aesthetic qualities and the security benefits that you’re looking for.

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Get Rid of the Clutter

If there’s clutter around your home or inside your home, you should take steps to get rid of it sooner rather than later. Clutter only makes your space look messy and uncared for, and by getting rid of those things that you no longer want or need, you can really open the space up and make it feel much bigger than it did before. If you’ve been hanging onto those possessions a long time it can be tough, but your decluttering efforts will be worth it in the end.

Replace Inadequate Doors and Windows

If the doors and windows of the home have been in place for many years and decades and they’re no longer doing their job, you can get them replaced with the help of Renewal by Andersen. If the windows are no longer keeping in the warmth during winter and there are problems with condensation and things like that, it’s definitely a sign that a change is needed. New doors and windows will also make the home a lot more secure.

Add Some New Works of Art

It can be a good idea to hang art on the wall and make your home feel a lot more visually interested in terms of the interiors. It’s about making the space feel more like your own and putting your own personal stamp on it. Each of us has our own personal taste in art, so this is the perfect way to make it unique to you and your personal style.

Upgrade the Lighting

It’s easy to overlook lighting and the role it can play in making your home feel presentable and appealing. When there’s not enough light, it can make the whole space feel a lot more depressing and dark, and that’s obviously not what you want at all. Add some new lamps and spotlights if you want to brighten up the darker areas of the home.

As you can see, there are lots of positive steps you can take if you want to make your home look a lot more presentable and appealing on the outside and the inside. The changes you can make will benefit your home and how you use it, as well as impress any visitors you might have over.


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