How to Remove Bad Memories from Your Home After a Break Up

When you go through a break up there are many different stages of grieving you can go through. At first you’re incredibly upset about the situation; you cry into your pillow as you watch Netflix and eat cookies straight out of the box. Then you start to feel angry about what happened and a fire starts to light inside your belly. Finally, you discover your independent self again; the person who doesn’t need another half to make them feel complete. You’re ready to erase them from your life and home completely. When you have been sharing a space for such a long time it can be difficult to come to terms with living on your own again, but with the following ideas you will be able to remove those bad memories once and for all.

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Get a Complete Remodel

Moving house completely after a break up can seem pretty extreme, especially when you worked hard to buy this house for yourself. Instead you might want to look into Home Remodeling. You could create a completely new vibe without having to go anywhere. Whether it’s a full kitchen or bathroom remodel or you’re finishing up the basement at long last, you will feel a lot happier and more content in your refreshed and remodelled home.

Throw Away Their Stuff

When someone else’s stuff is lying around your own home it is going to be very difficult to get over them. Don’t allow yourself to hang onto these items for very much longer; you either need to throw them away or give them back. Once you have fully cleared your home of all remaining evidence you can start making it feel like your own again.

Get New Furniture

There is something strange about sitting on the sofa that you used to share together or lying in a bed where you used to cuddle at night. Investing in new furniture will not only help you to start from scratch but it will also erase those bad memories right away.

Fill it With Accessories That You Love

When it comes to overhauling your home, you now have free reign to do whatever you want. Choosing the decor and accessories for your newly transformed home is easy; you just need to go with your personal tastes. Perhaps you were forced into decorating your home in a certain way; now you don’t need to abide by any rules or take anyone else’s opinion into consideration. You are free to do whatever you want with your newly revamped space, so enjoy every moment of making it unique to you.

Going through a break up is never easy, especially when you used to share a home together. If you are going through a situation like this, the ideas suggested here should help you through those tough times. Don’t be afraid to start afresh and find your own style within your home at last; every single decision can be completely yours so enjoy the process of creating a brand new, happy home.


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