Moving To Another State: What To Expect

Everyone knows that moving to another home can be a challenging experience, especially when you’ve got small children in tow. But, moving to another state can sometimes add a whole new layer of stress, frustration, and anxiety. Whether you’re moving to another state due to work or personal reasons, you want to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

But, with so much to organize and think about, how is that even possible? The good news is that long-distance moving is only as stressful as you make it. In this handy guide, you will learn what to expect when making such a move, and how to make the journey as comfortable and without having a meltdown of some description. Here’s what you need to know:

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You’ll discover you have things you don’t want to keep

When you start packing your belongings, one thing you will find out is that you’ve amassed all kinds of weird and wonderful items over the years. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to take everything with you, especially when there are items you’d rather throw in the trash or recycle.

During the sorting-out stage, you should take a stern approach to keeping or disposing of items. For example, set yourself a mental time limit for how regular you use an item. If you’ve only used something once (or even never) during the past five years, it might make sense to purge some items from getting moved to your new home.

There will no doubt be items you wish to keep forever, such as family heirlooms or treasured items that have significant sentimental value. But, anything else in your possession should have a mental time limit applied to it.

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You’ll want someone else to do the work

Moving the entire contents of your home from one location to another is quite an involved and often stressful experience. When you’ve got so much to think about for your move to another state, is that really an experience you want to make stressful on yourself? Assuming the answer is no, it can pay dividends to have professional movers take care of the logistics side of things for you.

Many moving companies will even carefully pack your belongings such as furniture, toys, appliances, and so forth. They will also maintain an inventory so you know where everything is in each box or crate.

You’ll probably forget to tell some folks that you’re moving

Let’s face it: there are so many people and organizations you need to inform that you’re moving that you’ll undoubtedly forget to tell some of them. Don’t worry because that’s something virtually all people moving home are guilty of doing.

One thing you can do is have your mail redirected from your old home to your new one. That way, if someone writes to you at your previous address, you’ll have their correspondence. Plus, you can use the opportunity to inform them of your new abode for future reference.


Good luck!


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