Over The Knee Boots

Hi Socialites! ?? I’m doing this post today because I got soooo much love in my inbox from y’all about the Tie Back Over the Knee Boots from Charlotte Russe that were featured in this post. Over The Knee boots have been huge this year; they’ve been seen all over the runways, on our fave fashion bloggers, and on stylish girls in our hometowns.

Over The Knee Boots Initially, many of the Over The Knee Boots (OTK) that had a great fit were pricey, but now there are tons of designer dupes out there! OTK boots come in various styles and colors, but I recommend sticking with suedes, and softer fabrics for ease of sliding up the calf. Leather boots are stiff, and it can be difficult to put on unless they come with elastic sides, or a zipper. As far as leg size goes, I am not a small girl (#plussizebabesunite!), but when I purchased my boots, I didn’t have to get wide calf or a special size, and they still fit fine. Make sure that the pair you choose either has elastic at the thigh part, or a tie back (or both!) and you can be certain that they will accommodate thick and thin thighs alike!

For the best selection, I recommend searching Nordstrom, as they have a huge selection of brands, at all price points! For cheaper options, Charlotte Russe has a ton of OTK boots, and most are under $25!

Close up shot of gray over the knee boots

Pretty Girl Wearing over The Knee Boots

Pretty girl wearing gray over the knee boots

Pretty girl wearing gray over the knee boots

Pretty girl wearing gray over the knee boots

Pretty girl wearing gray over the knee boots

Pretty girl wearing gray over the knee boots
These boots tie in the back! A super cute touch!

My Cold-Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater shown in the photos is already sold out, but you can get a similar one from NY&Company here, and here. Both options are under $20!!! I’ve also linked some other brands in the widget below!

You can get my SoHo Jeans Curve Creator Leggings here! They run true to size, and they are super flattering!

My OTK Boots are from Charlotte Russe. You can get them here!

Socialite Tip: If you have difficulty keeping your OTK boots up around your thigh, you definitely need to order the Boot Bra!!! It’s almost like a belt that goes inside the boots (it doesn’t show) but it keeps them nice and snug around your thigh! Genius, right?!!

See you next time!

New York & Company

End Of Season Warehouse Sale: Up To 87% Off

Shop Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited US



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  1. Love it!!❤️

  2. I love your boots! If only I can pull them off because I am 5’0 and when I wear knee-high boots I just feel weird about how I look in them.

  3. I adore OTK boots! I wear them 2x-3x a week 🙂

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

  4. I would love to be able to wear these, but my place is always sunny. You think it’ll be oK?

  5. They really suit you! And I love your headscarf 🙂

  6. I need to get me some boots and I love how stylish they are plus they are so versatile and can be worn all year if styled right.

  7. I know this is about boots, but I’m LOVING that head wrap!! Work it girl! lol

  8. ugh i always loved tall boots but just can’t pull them off. something about my body type or something makes me look like a hooker whenever i wear them *jealous of the ppl that don’t look like hookers lol* you look great in them (not hooker-y at all) i especially like the grey ones

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thank you! I love these because they don’t go too far up my thigh, so I dont have “Pretty Woman” look going on! The Stuart Weitzman boots are also very chic, and not “hooker-y” at all! ?

  9. You look so fabulous in these boots. I do not have over the knee boots since I just like to stick to my sneakers. My daughter has a pair though!

  10. I am such a fan of knee high boots, but over the knee boots look so strange on me! I am super short, so they look like they take over my body lol. I wish I could pull them off because they make any outfit look super badass!

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Give them a try! I’m short too (and chunky!) and I get sooo many compliments from strangers! I’m sure they’ll look fab on you!

  11. Over the knee boots are totally cute! I have yet to find a pair that works with my chunky calves. If I ever do, you better believe I’ll have a pair!

  12. Such a great roundup!! I LOVE my OTK boots, they are so comfy and add just the right amount of Sass to my wardrobe 🙂 Have a great weekend! xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com

  13. I love over-the-knee boots – and have a pair with 2 inch heels. Since I live in Florida, I don’t have to worry about slipping in snow in them (like I did in MN). I love that sweater too! I just love the cold shoulder look.

  14. You pull these off beautifully! Still not sure I’m brave enough to try them, they are so cute but a little out of my fashion ‘comfort zone’ haha – maybe by next winter I’ll be warmed up enough to the idea to try out a pair. Thanks for sharing your picks and how you style them – love it!

  15. I love OTK boots and I’m all about finding them on sale! These ones are so cute on you!

  16. Great look! Over the knee boats seem to be the trend nowadays and it looks great on you.

  17. Love Love Love!!! I got my first pair of over the knee boots last year and they are definitely one of my faves! I need to invest in a few colors 😉

  18. Those boots are EVERYTHING! I love them. Where I live the window of opportunity to wear those kind of boots has passed. We might skate by with a nice day in March. Midwestern Problems.

  19. I love those boots! I am so glad thigh highs are in trend!


  20. Over the knee boots seem to be so on trend at the moment, I have to admit I’ve never owned a pair and perhaps I need to change that.

  21. I love OTK boots! I need to save so that I can afford some of those Stuart Weitzman boots <3

    -Brandi Kimberly

  22. I’ve never heard of a boot bra!! Interesting! My calves and thighs are too thick for boots like this! LOL…but they are all so cute!!

  23. *le gasp* I always thought, as a juicy girl, OTK boots were not for me. BUT! They look great on you – so I think I’ll give them a try after all!

  24. I have two over the knee boots and both are from JustFab which I really love, I am loving your roundup plus the tie back on yours is gorgeous

  25. Those boots are super cool! They suit you perfectly too. Love the many different styles you can play around with when wearing boots.

  26. I really love boots. This post reminded me that I need to get a new pair of black ones before the month is done.

  27. I love boots and you’ve compiled such an amazing collection! Thanks so much for these. You look fabulous in the grey boots – mine are always the black ones – goes with EVERYTHING <3 . Blessings, Evelyn 😀

  28. Omg.. those boots are gorgeous and you look great in them. I want all of ’em. Beautiful. Will definitely check out the links you shared.

  29. Over The Knee Boots are so cool especially during winter time. My gf loves to wear them. I like the brown color.

  30. I am usually a lover of camel colored boots, but I like the grey ones a lot. They are too cute!

  31. Over the knee boots are so cute! They could be worn casual or for going out, so diverse! I love the camel ones 🙂

  32. Over the Knee Boots are the best. I love to wear them,

  33. Really stylish photos. These boots are highly popular winter add ons in India

  34. These are so popular right now! I’ve seen everyone shopping for over the knee boots. Super cute on you!

  35. I don’t know if I’m too old to wear these (55) but I would sure do it. I love those gray ones so much. You look awesome in them.

  36. These boots are so cute- paired so well with that sweater! Love your hair scarf too. Super cute style girl!

    xo Jen

  37. Your photos are super cute. I just bought my first pair of over the knee boots last week. I LOVE them.

  38. I love over the knee boots… I own like 4 of them… Yours look lovely I love that shade ☺️??

  39. Love the look! I bought two very different black boots just like those…. One pair is a bit more to the flat side and the other one is quite high, but bot h of them are super cool!

  40. I’ve always wanted boots like these! The only problem is I have huge calves and regular boots don’t fit me well. 🙁

  41. Singapore’s too hot and wet for over the knee boots but I definitely do hope to own some, some time in the future when I go overseas to work! It bring class to the outfits you wear!

  42. I love these boots and MUST gets pair before winter is gone! I think they are so sexy and slenderizing!

  43. i Love these thigh high boots.they are in my top of the list now

  44. You look gorgeous in this boots.I really want to try them in my fashion

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