Packing Tips To Avoid Breakages When You’re Moving House

No one wants to be in the situation where they finally reach their new home and start unpacking, only to find that their prized possessions are broken or damaged beyond repair. It would be heartbreaking, and on a day when you will already likely be stressed, it will make you feel terrible. 

 This is why it’s so important to understand how to pack properly. When you know this, you can avoid as many breakages as possible, save your precious items to have pride of place in your new home, and save you from having bad memories of the first day you lived there. Read on to find out more.

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 Hire Professionals

The ultimate way to ensure your belongings are packed properly is to hire professionals to do it for you. An expert removals company like Allied Van Lines will have many years of experience and will know precisely how to pack your things so that they are kept safe. 

 Even if you want to pack your items yourself, or the removal company you’ve chosen doesn’t offer that service, they will still be able to pack their van in the right way to ensure that your boxes are not damaged, and your items are secure. They will be able to handle any bulky or awkward furniture and secure it to prevent any problems. It’s always best to get professionals to help if you can, as it can save so much time, effort, and worry.

 Use The Right Packing Materials 

Packing materials can be expensive, which is why some people might assume they can just use anything to pack their items with. They’ll save money that way, and everything will be fine. The reality is that you do need to have the right packing materials to ensure your things stay safe. This includes sturdy boxes (not bags, for example), protective materials like blankets, bubble wrap, or newspapers, and good tape to hold it all together. 

 Although it will cost you money to get these things, it might be that you can save money – or even get boxes and so on for free – by asking locally. People who have just moved might be willing to give away their packing materials as it saves them having to dispose of it all when they are busy settling into their new home. 

 Don’t Overpack 

It’s tempting to pack as many things as possible into as few boxes as possible. The idea is that this will mean there is less to move about, and the moving can be done more quickly. Those who are DIY-moving might be especially keen on this idea. 

 The problem is that to begin with, overpacking like this makes those boxes much too heavy. This means they are hard to move safely and could easily be dropped due to their weight – this could cause damage. As well as this, if you have too many items in a box, they will press on one another, and that might be the cause of breakages too. 

 It’s better to half-fill boxes and ensure everything has enough room. There will be more boxes, but they will also be easier – and safer – to move around, keeping your things more protected.


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