Pumpkin Patch Gold 

Bryant Park Bell Sleeve Lace Top

I’ve shared before that Fall is my favorite season, and one of the traditions I love is visiting the Pumpkin Patch to find pumpkins for fall decor, and baking! Last Sunday, my mom, Baby Bella, my niece Aubrie, and I decided to visit a local Patch in a Burlington, NC. Now that Bella is able to walk and run, I knew that she would enjoy running freely throughout the Patch. Almost immediately, she found her perfect pumpkin (I’m holding it in the photo above!) and then proceeded to walk around the Patch putting all of the pumpkins that had fallen into the aisles, back on to their pallets!

The weather was beautiful, and slightly cool which allowed us all to wear our favorite fall staples! I decided to dress for the occasion in a Gold Lace Blouse with gorgeous flared sleeves from Fashion To Figure, one of my favorite Plus Size clothing stores! I paired the blouse with my favorite dark blue skinny jeans from Old Navy, and a pair of brown Open Toe Booties from Charlotte Russe. Outfit details will be linked at the bottom of the post!

NC Pumpkin Patch

My niece: @duchess_of_va

Fashion to Figure Bryant Park Bell Sleeve Lace TopBryant Park Bell Sleeve Lace Top

*Today’s post is brought to you by Charlotte Russe*

Charlotte Russe

Francesca’s Collections

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited US

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  1. Love this time of seasone a lot to do. Great blog.?

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thank you! It’s my fave as well!

  2. It was so much fun picking pumpkins and being able to shoot with you!

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      It was such a fun day! Thanks for joining us!

  3. The autumn colors are simply gorgeous. They really enhance your beautiful skin tone.

  4. You look gorgeous!!!! I’m crazy for that top!!!!

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thank you so much! ? You can shop my look in the widget above!

  5. I had the pleasure of visiting a pumpkin patch this season. Great post!

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thanks! Pumpkin Patches are such a fun (and cheap) Fall tradition!

  6. This yellow top is too cute! Love it.

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