Weekend Wrap-up: Fall Fashion, Birthday/Book Signing, and Rainy Day Polka Dots! 

Hello Socialites! It’s been a rough couple of weeks at work, so I apologize for the lack of posts. I’m feeling like Timbaland right now: “It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you. Without a dope post to step to.” #cornymoment

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This past weekend was epic ya’ll!!! We celebrated my mother’s 65th birthday with a huge bash at Fleming’s Steakhouse (sooo good, and the service was simply exceptional!), but what mom didn’t know is the surprise that awaited her!

Back in early Summer, my sisters and I worked on compiling my mother’s poetry and other writings into an anthology. This project was spearheaded by my oldest sister, Tashia, who went above and beyond in organizing and conceptualizing everything that needed to be done. We all worked hard, and it was an honor to present the finished and published copy to my mother at her birthday celebration! She cried like a baby (LOL), and then jumped right into signing books for everyone! I am soooo proud of my mother!  Hidden Places, her book of beautiful poems and spiritual affirmations, is available on Amazon and Kindle! I’m linking it here for your purchase, if you want to show your support!

I dressed for the occasion in a chic Shawl Neck Peplum Top in a rich shade of Bordeaux, which is gorgeous for Fall. I completed my Look with a Statement Necklace; black pants and black peep toe pumps! I will be linking all of the items in the “Shop My Looks” section at the end of the post! Since my mom looked ✨ super stunning ✨ I wanted to spotlight her outfit as well! Her beautiful Bell Sleeve Crepe Shift Dress is by Eliza J!  I can only hope I look like my mother at 65!!!

Fashion To Figure Cowl Neck Peplum Top
Fashion To Figure Cowl Neck Peplum Top
Whenever the family gets together, it’s hard for everyone to return home! My oldest sister lives in Gastonia, NC with her family, and my middle sister lives in Danville, VA with her family.  My house is the midpoint of both locations, so everyone uses my home as the hub for meet ups and overnight stays. We’re all super close, so after the party/book signing, everyone decided to crash at my place so we could go worship at church the next morning as a family, and go out to eat!

It was a rainy, chilly day so I decided to wear dress slacks to church, along with a super cute black and white micro dot blazer by Worthington! This is one of my favorite blazers: the length and tailored shape works well with pants, dresses, or even a t-shirt and jeans! I’ve linked it the “Shop My Looks” section below!

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  1. That jacket with the ruffles…. amazing!!

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thank you! It’s one of my new faves!

  2. That peplum is absolutely exceptional. Great blog post.

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thank you so much! ?

  3. You pull that outfit off beautifully! Love the color of that top! Perfect for Fall. Happy belated birthday to your mom, she is beautiful!

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thank you so much! ? I’ll share your words with my mother as well!

  4. Great Post. The Way you describe is Really Amazing…

  5. Great Blog love the clothing

  6. Beautiful! Such well put together outfits and I love the occasion!
    Sincerely Miss J

  7. I’m always a sucker for a peplum top and this one is no different! That shade looks amazing on you!

    A- simplylovely90.com

  8. Love that pink jacket! Super chic

  9. I love both jackets, especially the last one with small dots – really elegant 🙂

  10. Looks like you guys had a great time. I’m enjoying reading all of your posts.

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