Review on Is it Worth Trying? (Part 2)

Stitch Fix

So in my first post in this series, I went over the process of getting started with Stitch Fix from signing up, to taking the style quiz, and being assigned your own personal Stitch Fix Stylist! Sooo…if you’re anything like me, you’re like “Ok Amber, this sounds all well and good, but how much money are we talking?”

Let’s talk Pricing and Returns!

♦️ After you’ve completed your style profile, and selected a delivery date for your Fix, you will be charged a $20 USD styling fee. This $20 is not an ongoing subscription amount (more on that later), and will be credited toward any clothing items that you decide to keep from your shipment.

♦️ One major part of your Style Quiz is that you are given the option to choose a price range for each piece that your stylist picks. This option will ensure that you feel comfortable in knowing that  you will be able to keep and afford whatever cute items arrive at your door! (For example, I keep my accessories price range under $50, as I don’t feel comfortable spending over that amount for costume jewelry.

♦️Whatever items you like, you will be responsible for purchasing, and they will include an invoice and price list of all items in your Fix! If you don’t like something, or if it’s too pricey, just return it! They even include a Postage-Paid return shipping envelope for you to send everything back! It’s really as simple as that…there is no catch! You don’t need to fear any automatic billing woes, as you can set your own timetable for fixes.

♦️As stated before, your $20 fee that was charged for your Fix will be applied to the items you love! If you purchase all 5 items that were included in your Fix, you will receive an additional 25% off your total! How amazing is that!

My Experience With Stitch Fix

I received this package about 1 1/2 weeks after requesting a Fix. (Stitch Fix will send you an email with a tracking number once they have processed your request.)

Stitch Fix
When I opened the package, I noticed that you get a welcome packet, which contains a personal note from your Stylist, suggestions on how to style each item from your Fix, and a folio of the charges owed for each item!

My Stylist’s Selections

Here are 4 of the 5 pieces that were in my package! (The 5th item is getting its’ own post!)

Stitch Fix
Brianna Beaded Earrings-Nakamol
Stitch Fix
Malani Ruffle Detail Top-Q&A
Primrose Skinny Jean in Light Pink-Level +
Stitch Fix
Dawney Scallop Trim Blouse-41Hawthorne

I will use the enclosed Priority Mail envelope to return all of the items I don’t plan to keep, and I will use my Stitch Fix app to purchase the items I chose to keep!

Stitch Fix is a YESSSSSS for me, and I love the items that my stylist picked out for me. I think that the concept behind Stitch Fix is fabulous. If you are not good at picking out your own clothes, or you just want someone else’s spin on things that would look good on you and your body type, then I believe Stitch Fix is a great option! The ease of returns, and the straight forward pricing (no hidden subscription billing schemes) make this an attractive way of building your wardrobe!

The only con I can give is that the average price point for items, per the official FAQ is $55 USD. This means that if you love all 5 items, each Fix can run upward of $200.00 USD. This can be pricey, but again, you have the option of spacing out when you request a fix! Socialite ranking: 7/10

As a bonus, I’ve decided to include photos of how I would style the items I received!
Stitch Fix spring box
Stitch Fix
You can pair a top like this with slim cut black pants or denim in any wash!

Check out this post to see the 5th piece from Stitch Fix, and how I styled it!

Ready to take the plunge and get styled? Click the Get Started button below!

See you next time!



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  1. You looked absolutely gorgeous and very feminine in your stitch fix. It was a great look or church, afternoon delight or a stroll along town. Anxious to see whats next

    1. TheSuburbanSocialite

      Thank you! You must have seen my Instagram “sneak peek” of the 5th item I loved! Thanks for following along on my blog, and my Instagram! Stay tuned for the upcoming blog post on that gorgeous 5th item!

  2. I tried Stitch Fix a couple years ago and really loved the pieces they sent me, and the concept. I chose the “cheapest” option and it was still a little pricey for me. But it was a nice way to switch up my look. I still wear the pieces I kept all the time, so they definitely hold up well. I should try it again after I have this baby 🙂

  3. Great clothes throught for men and women

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